1. She sure looks lovely. I love the purple and pink against white. but can we just not add those christmas ornaments thingy hanging to every other lehnga outfits?

  2. Are people aware that these are meant to be kitschy, ironic, fun takes on the gaonwali/mela saris or is this the prevailing aesthetic? I mean such saris always existed but stylish city people would not be caught dead wearing these even 15 years ago. Just sayin’ :)

    • yes you are just saying.. but what exactly are you saying….get out of yourlittle world and explore a little… this is no gaonwali mela sarees..here is home work..try fnding out what are these saree called …just for fun!!

  3. OMG ! could she look any better? The outfit just makes her look a zillion times better than she already looks…the colors are just gorgeous and so well balanced. Would love to see more of malaika in Laila Motwanes clothes. such a refreshing change from the manish malhotra etc that these actors sport.

  4. Mallaika has finally found a look that seems to befit her personality….eclectic, elegant, sexy and fun. She should stick to it! Loving Laila Motwane’s new collection!


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