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  1. monika at | | Reply

    YOu are so right. This sari is looking so un-elegant.

  2. nina at | | Reply

    d sari lukz horrible….

  3. Adit at | | Reply


  4. spur at | | Reply

    Thats a lemon tart right there!

  5. Monkey at | | Reply

    Indeed, the saree doesn’t “flow” properly.

  6. Desi Ette at | | Reply

    The sari is worn really badly. Makeup is just plain weird and the color of the sari does nothing for her. Just goes to show what bad fashion can do to a beautiful woman.

  7. Rania at | | Reply

    Actually apart from the design and color, I do like the stiffness of a net saari. I’m in the process of making a net lehenga myself

  8. Priyanka at | | Reply

    burp on her style

  9. apsara77 at | | Reply

    i didn’t know that willy wonka has started churning out sarees? haha..it is a truly horrendous saree both because of the netting but also the border looks like it’s made of candy like smarties or gems or something…ok, now i have a sudden craving for chocolate!

  10. AnnMM at | | Reply

    OMG this is downright ugly….

  11. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    My mother always showed her disdain for net saris by calling them “glorified machar daani’s”.. i never seconded that opinion till I saw this..

    For those not fluent in hindi, machar daani = mosquito net

  12. A at | | Reply

    Which clutch is that?

  13. M at | | Reply

    and ghost makeup in check as well..

  14. Dukcxy at | | Reply

    OMG I went through a stage a few years ago..when Net saris were very big..and did BELIEVE that a net sari couldnt go wrong..but seen enough examples on this website..whats with the Indian shops selling net which blows up into an elephant dress..The ones I own fall very well and dont enlarge this way.

  15. Dukcxy at | | Reply

    PS:This trend is so OVER after these examples.

  16. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    @apsara77, Ditto! Now I got a choco craving too after reading your comment:( lol
    I agree, net saris just don’t work for me, plus the only net stuff I’ve ever liked was what Ash had worn in Hum Dil.

  17. X at | | Reply

    i think the sari is pretty and she looks stunning

  18. Harsh at | | Reply

    Ugghh Fake Tan!! My EEEYYYEEEESS :’O

  19. HUN at | | Reply

    i like it overall and she is v pretty

  20. AM at | | Reply

    i like…….even the tan

  21. Rem at | | Reply

    love the color, nt too bad at all.

  22. shia at | | Reply

    u do get soft nets,i hav plenty…i like too

  23. jitu at | | Reply

    she is lukin nice. like too.

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