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  1. minimalist at | | Reply

    aah! i just say the best things bout sophie, n here she disappoints, the jewelry is completely killing the look! forced to say maheep does better in this round if one has to choose!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree. Sophie’e necklace is too much. Looks like some weapon. Would give this one to Maheep.

  2. Lalit at | | Reply

    vow sophie u looking marvellous

  3. Sui at | | Reply

    I love both their dresses…but i will go with maheep…although i dont like the fit of her churidar…sophie shouldnt have worn that necklace…it looks tacky with the dress…

  4. Nazneen at | | Reply

    LOVE Sophie’s shoes!! ID them pls.

  5. crack at | | Reply

    Both suits are good…quite pretty actually…but seriously what is in Sophie’s neck? Looks like she’s shooting some commercial for a jewellary brand…

  6. Agam at | | Reply

    I can’t believe I am saying this..but Sophie does look good..Infact I feel her jewelery does look good here :)

  7. d at | | Reply

    one could totally understand sophie wearing a choker with that suit — to bring out the simplicity of the suit .. but .. seriously.. bad choice with the choker .. and especially with her hair down .. its just too overwhelming. this is like the first down moment for her in months…

  8. KD at | | Reply

    trying to make a point, ehh?

  9. Karuna at | | Reply

    Wow…that is a horrendous piece of jewelry….a complete eyesore when paired with that outfit. Can’t imagine what possessed her to wear it.

  10. Aki at | | Reply

    Thats one scary looking necklace..like its gonna strangle Sophie any sec! Maheeps churidhar fitting is off…not good.

  11. ash at | | Reply

    Love the colours both the ladies are wearing very apporiate for an afternoon wedding Sophie looks very pretty and radiant and I really don’t mind the neck piece!!

  12. Balqis at | | Reply

    Sophie looks good but could have done without the neck piece.

  13. geeta at | | Reply

    i’m liking the work on mahdeep”s suit more . fantastic even in spite of the ill fitting churidaar

  14. wannabe at | | Reply

    Can someone ID Sophie’s clutch please?

  15. rina at | | Reply

    LOVE Sophie’s suit. So pretty. I can understand wanting to dress up the outfit with heavy jewellery because its a wedding. A different necklace would have worked better though. Like Maheep too. Wish the kurta was longer. Very nice though

  16. Slc at | | Reply

    Sophie’s neckpiece is gorgeous, just not with this particular outfit. But she looks nice. Maheep looks pretty good too.

  17. paki at | | Reply

    Love the colors both the ladies are wearing but I do like the longer version of the kurta on Sophie and how well she has draped the duppatta.

  18. Dee at | | Reply

    I actually prefer Maheep’s look overall. Sophie’s outfit is nice and has the right amount of shiny — the jewelery on Sophie is over the top…kind of overwhelming and ruins the otherwise awesome look.

  19. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Sophie just wish she had done something abt the hair.

  20. Malaika Nair at | | Reply

    hi!!! Not very relevant as this is an old post, but just updating. Sophie is not in Abu Jani. the store themselves confirmed it, when I tried to place an order

  21. T at | | Reply

    Both look awesome, and while i really like Sophie’s suit, ya am going with Maheep on this one (white and gold is THE best combination :) )

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