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  1. salzie at | | Reply

    I think its a pretty sari. I love the color combination and the marriage of floral n animal prints. Of coure, its Madhuri wearing it n she makes the outfit =)

    1. vee at | | Reply

      marriage? well it’s a miserable one. First of all leopard + blue + sari = does not compute!

  2. Emma at | | Reply

    I think it’s really cute and funky. I love that saris are so cool now and Madhuri can do no wrong. Loves it!

  3. woot at | | Reply

    i dont much care for the colour…it makes her look too faded

    but its mads. shes awesome.

  4. simran at | | Reply

    I think madhuri makes the sari work.. shes looking nice..

  5. GW at | | Reply

    YIKES !!!!!!!!!!

    Please please save the sari. we must have a national committee to save the sari from such animal like invasions.

    Ladies above I beg your forgiveness.

  6. nepali at | | Reply

    The print and embroideries don’t work well together, and the colours are bit boring.
    Nevertheless, it’s always a sheer pleasant to watch her both on and off screen.
    Long live Madhuri!

  7. nepali at | | Reply

    * pleasure

  8. woot at | | Reply

    yeh, the purse isnt that hot

  9. nik at | | Reply

    and neither is the rest of her

    my opinion

  10. sudha at | | Reply

    hello ladies, in case u never noticed, madhuri has NEVER had a good dress sense, not even in her movies. the only exception is when manish malhotra dressed her up for dil to pagal hai

  11. sherry at | | Reply

    the negative– there are alot of so called “wrongs” if we nitpick.
    the positive–overall she makes a very pretty picture.

  12. Jasmine at | | Reply

    I wouldnt call it a faux pas though!!

  13. Nisha at | | Reply

    Luv Madhuri & the color on her. Don’t care much for the animal print though!

  14. Nadia at | | Reply

    Oh I don’t care at all. She could wear a potato sack (and many would argue she wore worse in her early dress) and still dance circles around the so-called beautiful ladies of Bollywood.

  15. Ridhima at | | Reply

    its a silly sari..GTM ( ghati turned mod) style..

  16. pearl at | | Reply

    Lets face it, she isnt big in bollywood anymore. Yes she is a good actress, yes she is beautiful, yes she is amazing dancer. Bottom line is she is aged, for the most part I think she is trying to dress accordingly.. to be on safer side…I dont think she likes experimenting…for that matter she might have picked this ! Yet she could have done better job.

    The clutch is beautiful but if she had the right dress to match. She is looking average here……but I just hate animal prints personally !

  17. Raspberry at | | Reply

    No, this isn’t WTHeyy. We’ve seen far worse. The colour is a bit off but she looks great overall. The embroidery could have been prettier, but i like the sari.

  18. Pitu at | | Reply

    I agree with Nadia. She always looks phenomenal. And the sari while not amazing, is not atrocious either. In fact, with a sleevless blouse and without all that embroidery, it could have looked really good. The color is also a nice change from the peach/pink/beiges we see everywhere.

  19. Manisha at | | Reply

    Not a fan of that sari! The colors make her look really washed out. Not a fan of the leopard print either. I do like the clutch though – if only the sari to go with it would be nicer!

  20. neha at | | Reply

    and the hideous orange flower

  21. nik at | | Reply

    haha my comment is “awaiting moderation”, just because i didn’t find the precious Madhuri stunning?

    i have seen worse comments about other stars here
    just sayin

  22. Millissa at | | Reply

    This is by far one of the most entertaining reads on the net. great job girls! Cheers, Millissa

    I think this sari would have worked if it were black and white.

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  24. Pradeepti at | | Reply

    love madhuri….hate the sari!

  25. ash at | | Reply

    Who care about what she wears? Its Madhuri and she is FAB!

  26. Devika at | | Reply

    like the sari……n love Madhuri!

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