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  1. ash at | | Reply

    Agree with you here, the cream saree looks great on her, wonder if it is a Sabyasachi? The black ones just boring, ok but nothing special. Her face looks flawless though, and I love her with her hair pulled back like this it just accentuates her beauty even more.

  2. dn at | | Reply

    Wow, hate is a strong word – she looks glorious in both!! Actually the black one is playing very well against her complexion. She IS dressed for TV, I am glad she is playing to her strength by looking traditional. She has the old world classic charm. But I would love to see her in Paithanis sometime.

    1. dn at | | Reply

      I don’t like the necklace she is wearing with the cream saree, its too heavy.

      1. ash at | | Reply

        Oh yeah she should wear a paithani or any traditional saree for that matter, she would look amazing in it.

      2. charan at | | Reply

        Did you guys even look at her face in the black saree??? WOW!!
        Love her look in both.

        1. akaa at | | Reply

          i did .. and even though i’m a big fan, all i can see in both the looks is too much of make-up .. may be its for TV, but that extra makeup killed it for me

    2. meenakshi at | | Reply

      totally agree…she looks gorgeous and glowing..

  3. ZI at | | Reply

    Love the sari in the first pic…but why has she covered herself up like that….funny..

  4. yashu at | | Reply

    give me Madhuri any day any dress over anybody else

  5. Hema at | | Reply

    I like her look in both the sarees. She probably knows very well that she can splendidly carry off the desi look. The cream saree is lovely but I wonder why she’s holding the pallu in such a strange way. The black saree is just regular fare but looks lovely on her.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I LOVE her in both the looks and love the hair tied up ! that magnificent smile is just…well…magnificent ! her accent though it not.

  6. deewani at | | Reply

    this is for a TV show..where the designers choose their outfits..also they have a stylist..I heard Madhuri wanted to keep her hair open however the stylist insisted to put her hair into a bun!

    1. annie at | | Reply

      stylist made a good call with her hair. her usual hairstyle is just too blah!

  7. Jiya at | | Reply

    First pic is so gorgeous and color combination of saree is common but lovely. her hair do make up and accessories are also beautiful!!

  8. prema poongodi at | | Reply

    madhuri looks ravishing considering her age. her figure is still slim and not matronly. both the sarees are pretty but the cream saree is subtly gorgeous.

  9. Bull at | | Reply

    The first saree is good, but held VERY weirdly. The second saree is okay, but tied perfectly. So its a neither for me :)

  10. SS at | | Reply

    lovely on both counts!!! she rocks!

  11. suchi at | | Reply

    like the black better. looks like she is drowning in the cream one. also the cream kind of washes her out. black makes her glow

    1. Asha at | | Reply

      I also like the black one better, thought I was the only one! she looks kinda old in the cream sari, maybe its the pics ? :/

  12. FOB at | | Reply

    The first one looks as Anna-Singh-for-Sabyasachi as the maroon & black one she wore the other day. I think she was caught while she was adjusting her palla…I really doubt she walked around the whole evening carrying it that way.

  13. kismet at | | Reply

    she looks so elegant and beautiful in both sarees, i personally prefer the cream on aswell, but she makes them both work, and the black one is nice not terrible.

  14. GG at | | Reply

    she is naturally pretty and such a respite from most celebs who look manufactured today.

  15. Ruchii at | | Reply

    lurve her..!! whatever she wears..she looks the best..!!

  16. Myla at | | Reply

    She DOES seem to be chanelling Parvati in the second one, but I think she looks great nevertheless. Besides, I’m assuming it IS for TV.

  17. Padma at | | Reply

    I think hate is a very strong word…but, have to agree, she looks good in both. There are still women out there who know how to drape the saree the correct way!

  18. mary at | | Reply

    both the saris are pretty heavy on their own and didn’t require a neck piece as well as elaborate ear rings. Plus the pulled back hair ages her by half a decade. Both looks are passable at best.

  19. ss at | | Reply

    Too much jewelry and yew, too heavy! Madhuri would look nice just wearing these grand saris and minimal/no jewelry.

  20. Rounak Agarwal at | | Reply

    She is wearing Sabyasachi in the first one! Please tag him in this link! She will be wearing a lot more of his creations in Jhalak…!:)

    1. J at | | Reply

      Rounak i work for Sabyasachi and the cream sari that Madhuri is wearing is a Sabyasachi copy!!!
      Whoever has designed this sari is either clueless that a lot of people in India can recognize a Sabyasachi design … or he/she is just plain shameless enough to copy a Sabyasachi and call it their own.

  21. rachna at | | Reply

    the cream sari looks to be similar to rani,s with dalai lama.

  22. bongbabe at | | Reply

    aaaaaaaaaaw, non-leger bhabi ji :)

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