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  1. Prep-y at | | Reply

    I’ve to say this season Madhuri’s style is just not working for me. I don’t feel that Anaita is styling Madhurin in a way that it justifies her beauty and elegance. Something is just majorly off!!

  2. Bsimple at | | Reply

    would have loved it if the zara jacket was in yellow/fuschia or her shoes for that matter…Madhuri needs to focus on hair and makeup…for some reason, this looks a tad dowdy…

  3. Shilvi at | | Reply

    WOw..she looks so gorgeous!
    Love it :)

  4. anya at | | Reply

    omg she looks amazing, madhuri please do not go backwards after this look!

  5. Neha at | | Reply

    The biggest issue that I’ve been observing for years is her attitude and the way she carries any look, especially westerns. Had this look was tried on Sridevi, she would have carried it the way it should be. I don’t mean to compare these two great artists but every look requires just the right amount of confidence and attitude to make it work. The stylist can only compose a look. Madhuri, here looks like a wrong person into the right style. That chic thing is still not there in her.

  6. fashionpolice at | | Reply

    There are so many things wrong with this look that I don’t even know where to start. But suffice to say that Anaita’s styling is just not working with Madhuri’s personality. It feels like she doesn’t know what to do in these clothes.

  7. Fergie at | | Reply

    She looks good in these pics but she looked bulky on the show. The horizontal stripes were simply not flattering on her lower body.

  8. Senorita at | | Reply

    never thought I’d say this about horizontally striped pants, but she looks great!

  9. Kritcee at | | Reply

    I just feel this look is a little weird.
    I mean, the top half is utterly different from the bottom half.
    The top half has a more of gold toned and gold accented beautiful jacket and a cami, which seemed oddly clashing with the bottom half, which is more of a white, silver toned look.

    Either the jacket and the cami should be paired with something else in a complimenting or a contrasting, uh.. pants or a pencil skirt or…. the pants and the shoes should be paired with something..else.

  10. sara at | | Reply

    Her best look in a long time…Such a relief from her usual gaudy stuff.

  11. Sheena at | | Reply

    Madhuri looks gorgeous from waist up.

  12. arpitha at | | Reply

    Better than how she usual dresses. But the top half (gold) & bottom half (silver) dont go together.

  13. mockjay at | | Reply

    those are some ugly looking pants. camel toe alert! she looks so uncomfortable and even if she was wearing the most beautiful clothes and giving off this body language, I would have vetoed it.

  14. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I maybe in the minority, I don’t think this outfit is working at all. You need something more colourful to break the stripes and Anaida to me feels like she is styling Madhuri more like she is DP.

  15. umarana at | | Reply

    slight camel toe..but camel toes are gross and unacceptable

  16. Adara at | | Reply

    I can only feel sorry for her. Nothing ever works on her. That hair & make up is always tacky. This look may have worked/looked good on some one else.

  17. Srishti at | | Reply

    Somehow this season its not working at all..Anaita is not giving her clothes that would suit her…She is wearing clothes which are totally not meant for her..

  18. Neharika at | | Reply

    Finally a decent look from Anaita. I like the look not sure the necklace belongs there but overall this is a fine look. Thank god she isn’t draping those hideous sarees.

  19. Madame Maddie at | | Reply

    Detest the tacky necklace and would have liked a better pick for the cami. All of this is taking away from Madhuri’s natural grace. She is Madhuri Dixit, not Demi Lovato, Anaita!

  20. trina at | | Reply

    Gold tones at the top; Silver at the bottom…does not make sense to me!

  21. apeksha at | | Reply

    those pants are damn funny on her..

  22. Akash Verma at | | Reply

    Not bad, given Madhuri’s usual outfits..Shorts would have been better with this look though….

  23. DramaMama at | | Reply

    I don’t think Anaita understands Madhuri’s personal style. Her styling has been very confused this whole season. Maybe she feels she needs to bring in the young zing to her looks but Madhuri is better than that. At least her earlier looks, however filmy, had some of her. Here she just looks lost.

  24. tara at | | Reply

    I was so thrilled when I read anaita was styling her this season but after the first two episodes its been down hill all the way. The clothes,the makeup hair,jewelry are all just plain Horrid! What I’m wondering is that doesn’t Anaita see that this int deepika padukone or some other younger actress/model who cant wear these high street clothes and make them work. She looks even worse then normal and its just sad to see. Even the indian looks so far are strange type of saris with awful makeup/hair. I really hope Anaita is reading this coz she needs to get her act together and not madhuri whose probably thinking she’s got the best stylist so she knows what she’s doing but far from it. Needs to wear high end designers+makeup hair cannot be experimented with to such a degree that she looks like a joke! Last year’s styling was much better then this.

  25. Seepz at | | Reply

    I have to say, I love this look on Madhuri and Anaita is doing a pretty decent job. It is different from how we are used to seeing her but in a good way. It is fun & perky and I don’t see any harm in stepping out of the comfort zone. Some things will work, some won’t. It is good to see she is not shying away from experimenting.

  26. pixie at | | Reply

    I totally love this look! Anaita Adjania is doing a great job! Just because someone is a certain age, people expect them to fit into a prototype.. I am glad that’s not the case here

  27. footnotes and finds at | | Reply

    oh no, nothing about this look works, it’s a mess! especially those pants! it’s one confused outfit. I love madhuri, she’s my fav, but her styling needs to change!

    1. umarana at | | Reply

      have to agree. revisiting this pic and i really don’t think any of it works well together as colors or shapes. lace, stripes, chunky metal, and zips on a blazar. confusion.

      1. umarana at | | Reply

        sorry blazEr!

  28. sukh at | | Reply

    Never thought I’ll ever see ‘Madhuri Dixit’ and ‘cameltoe’ in the same sentence. Sigh.

  29. deepasousa at | | Reply

    This grown up woman needs to son start dressing like one. Those pants though nice are so bad on a 45year old.

  30. Lovely at | | Reply

    And when she used to wear Saree, even if blingy or horrid but which showed her feminity and grace for which Madhuri was known for and because of which she became THE MADHURI DIXIT, everyone wanted her to dress in something apart from Saree. When she used to sport her signature hairstyle which again made her “Madhuri Dixit”, people wanted her to “experiment” with hairstyle. And now when she has ditched Saree (only thrice this season ) and is experimenting with different hairstyles, they want her to stop experimenting with hair and dress up so that her natural grace is visible. Lolz.

    And someone said nothing works for her. Well, everything worked for her till she wore what she was comfortable in, which she carried so well with so much grace and beauty and her smile that I wonder how people even looked at the dress !! Ofcourse it’s not working for her because she knows she is transforming into a manenquin carrying a dress with no personality. Reason why I hate Sonam or Sridevi, even if they wear gorgeous dress. I would rather watch a fashion show if I have to see how a dress is.Madhuri used to be self, no one else even in best clothes didn’t have it.

    I wish Madhuri goes back to being same old Madhuri, even if that means she chooses Arpita Mehta Sarees and fashion critic would caption the pic “A TV judge would grab them all” !!

  31. Lovely at | | Reply

    And I think Madhuri knows it. Glad she chose a Saree for Sunday episode.

  32. Niche at | | Reply

    I have the same jacket in black. Those shoes brought the whole look down. The gold accents stand out on the jacket; definitely need the bling bling necklace. Expect more from Anaita!

  33. priti at | | Reply

    i love madhuri, but this outfit, not so much. i felt the pants looked like pajamas. i didn’t like the white on white look, there should have been more color that would have made the look standout.

  34. Steven at | | Reply

    As someone said here, if this was on Sridevi it would have made the look great, but Madhuri doesnt have the body or the attitude for it

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