In Shyamal and Bhumika


Wearing a sari by Shyamal and Bhumika, Madhuri attended the charity gala dinner tonight in Mumbai. The sheer sari was paired with a gold Jimmy Choo glitter clutch and finishing out the look with were chaand baali style earrings.

Am normally not a fan of net saris but she looked good!


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Gosh she looks like the typecast mona darling from the seventies. Very very outdated look and the heavy makeup and pancake/ powder makes it even worse
    Quite an eyesore

    • I’m so sick of these sorts of “whitewashing” comments, especially when 2/3 of the time, the celebrity isn’t even trying to make themselves look lighter! Madhuri is already fair/medium and you can clearly see that her face is the same colour as her neck and arms! It’s not like she was some dark skinned actress to begin with and painted her face and entire body. This is just her skin tone! Certain areas of the face look lighter than other areas but that’s the highlighter and the light when it hits the high points of one’s face. Even pale skinned people (think Kate Winslet) have make-up artists who highlight their face. Us Indians aren’t desperate to be “white” like English people. Yes, unfortunately societal standards of beauty exist but when Indians say “white” they mean Madhuri or Aishwariya’s color, not Kate Middleton.

      • It may not be whitewashing, but I think these comments come from actors being caked up…
        Of course Kate Winslet would have makeup on, you just won’t feel the unstoppable urge to to dip a finger in it, or peel it off like a mask :D

        • They definitely wear at least 2-3 shades lighter foundation. And some go on to put plaster-of-paris makeup. Most of them wear makeup in the West to even out the skin tone on the face and to make it more presentable but here it is only done to “whiten” the face. :P

  2. Her make-up is really off in this and the hair..oh God, Madhuri please stop with your 90s hair. The saree is good though.

  3. Oh god! Oddly huge she looks with those awful big hair and strangely huge upper half! Looks like she was competing for one of the WTHheyys of the night!

  4. she looks around 55+ in these pics (using sridevi as a benchmark who is in early 50s then maduri looks mid to late 50s here)

  5. Wait, isn’t that a wrong colour underskirt that she is wearing? The underskirt should be the colour of the blouse, but its light orange kind. She indeed is a very simple woman but such a carelessness is a bit too much.

  6. I got what the problem is. She needs to stop lining her lower lid. She has tiny eyes and that just makes them look tinier. Second- stop over highlighting the cheekbones. Third: STOP THE HORRIBLE HAIRDO! Send it back to 1987 where it belongs.


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