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    Nt a surprise! Mst of hr looks does the same.

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    She is in her 40s and a mother of 2 kids. I don’t expect her to have abs or a flat stomach. But as I said, she is a mother and in her 40s, so please keep the see-through clothes in the closet.

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    I belong to the ‘how dare you say she shouldn’t wear sleeveless’ group. But I’m sorry this outfit is not flattering and more importantly, not event appropriate.

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    what a tackfest!!

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    sabya mads sabya!!

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    she will never step out of her comfort zone. i give up. total tackfest.

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    The sari would have done well without those huge fabric roses. A gold blouse goes very well with it. However, I think one shouldn’t show too much after a certain age especially when you’ve got fit and flat 20 somethings all around.

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    Showing too much after a certain age is not advisable.

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    i love the sari! the blouse could be a little longer. but other than that she looks nice!

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    More than anything, her saree is not event appropriate.

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    pluleez..who dresses like that for your kid’s recitals i mumbai…This is ok for a tv show..she looks lovely

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    Vulgar. Why does she insist on wearing see-through saris for her body type/age?

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    Not just the sari tacky but even that hair color. ewwww.

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