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    She actually looked good in this lehanga…atleast better than her arpita mehta sarees every now and then

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    Pavda dhavni at her age is pathetic. But forgetting the age factor, she does not have the body type to work it. Anyway, this is tacky as always. The sleeveless on her is making things worse.

    1. sree at | | Reply

      Yes, yes and yes! I really wish Mads would look at Sridevi for classy dressing reference.

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        Agreed on the reference part.

      2. Néelam at | | Reply

        Sridevi? U serious.

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      Since when has there been an age restriction on lehengs…pathetic choice of words. So you think that lehengas are meant for the younger generation only…. Well, guess again, cos in these pics Madhuri outsmarts a majority.

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Lehenga is different from the pavda dhavni (the style which she is wearing it). Yes, it goes like pavda chatta (blouse/skirt)–> pavda dhavni —> Sari. Yeah, that’ s how it works in the south. I don’t think being in 40’s is referred to “younger generation” in any culture. Jeez! There are certain people who even at her age can probably work a pavda dhavni but Madhuri does not have the body type or the fresh face to wear one.

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    Love it! The lehenga, hair and makeup. She exudes a certain grace in classic Indian wear – I wish she’d use that to her advantage more often.

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    How beautiful is Madhuri…some beauties never age.

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    I actually like her in this – very pretty !

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    So much spite on these pages sometimes! I didn’t know you had to be of a certain body type to wear a lehenga! That would end up excluding 3/4 of the country. Don’t even get me started on the ‘sleeveless’ profiling police :|

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      It’s the same lot as the chappal-police brigade.

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    What lenga? I cant look beyond her face and smile…gorgeous :)

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    Anybody can wear anything as long as they feel comfortable in it.. And ppl do visit this blog just to use words like tacky/trashy/aunty/yuck/whitewash regardless of who wears what.. Take it easy.. BTW its pavadai dhavani..

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    I think she looks more fresh-faced than any of the actresses of her age. But yes, I do wish she wears outfits that elevate her grace rather than bringing it down. I think Anaita is doing terrible job of styling her.

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