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  1. Himani Joshi at | | Reply

    So tackyyyy..ewww…wat makes it more worse is d ‘pose’..n dat too at her age! Y cn’t she dress n pose her age!

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Ha ha. Agreed. The pose is making her look really silly.

  2. aaliyah at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful. i wish she would have straightened her hair for that look. but other than that she looks lovely!

  3. fashion bubble at | | Reply

    What ? really? don’t like the saree much. Maybe on someone else it would look a little better…….but madhuri needs something understand and elegant….

  4. Dev at | | Reply

    Saree draped very badly….below average look….

  5. tanu at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful!

  6. Bhoomi at | | Reply

    That face is Devine!!! Other than that, nothing is working here :( feeling sad.

  7. sree at | | Reply

    Meh just another blingy and filmy black saree.

  8. Adara at | | Reply

    Tackfest, Thy name is Madhuri.

  9. Sheikha at | | Reply

    But what about the HAIR????

  10. slc at | | Reply

    The saree isn’t bad. It’s the hairstyle that needs to be changed.

  11. Sheels at | | Reply

    So tacky!
    The shiny border of the saree and her ghastly makeup….
    How hard is it to dress age appropriate? Given that she has so many designers/stylists around for help…

  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Something is not working about this look. Think its the drape!

  13. high-heel-fan at | | Reply

    i think she looks beautiful and not tacky at all. if you don’t the like the sari say it. if you think it doesn’t look good on her than say it. but you guys shouldn’t be so mean and write under every picture of hers that she looks tacky or whatever bad word comes on your mind…. especially when she doesn’t. PV please post this…

  14. Laila at | | Reply

    This look is sooooo tacky:
    1- hair is so boring and 80ish, both style & color
    2- blingy sari with such blingy border is outdated
    3- the drape makes the whole thing look cheap
    4- the pose makes the cheap look leaning towards vulgar
    5- the makeup is as boring as the hair
    6- Finally I’ve washed my hand from Madhuri. Fashion is Greek for her, she never learns.

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