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  1. koel at | | Reply

    I have seen in Desi parties that women who came to the US in 60s snd 70s still wear some of those sarees . In some of the parties you could actually tell who arrived here and when and what do they do only by looking at the sarees of the women. If I did not know Madhuri and had to guess then I would have guessed that she srrived here in 1990s and is either married to a doctor or a professor…

  2. dee at | | Reply

    Mads’s boobs are embarassingly droopy…so much money at home but put to no use.
    I remember her older movies where she has quite flat and over years acquired too much oodle on the top

  3. Flower Power at | | Reply

    is Madhuri’s saree a Manish Malhotra (going by the pink under-border)? he should be so banned.

  4. Prat at | | Reply

    Koel! you are absolutely right. And the reason behind women wearing more of the saris from the decade they arrived here is because we have hoards of saris then. Eventually, we don’t accumulate much. Just want to recycle them, why waste money on something that you won’t be wearing much.

  5. bliss at | | Reply

    no…cant really see ayeshas, but it looks like her blouse is ripped..and her saree looks cheap too..so my vote goes to madh, but her saree is not all that gr8 either.

  6. K at | | Reply

    You know what, we could sit here and pick on Madhuri’s 90ish fashion sense… but what’s Ayesha’s excuse? All she needs is some curls and dark red lip stick and she’ll fit in with the rest of the 90s brigade. :P

    That said, I don’t want to say they look bad though. they’re pretty women, and to each her own style.

  7. monika at | | Reply

    Madhuri’s saree is horrible.
    Ayesha should have worn a simple blouse with that bligy saree.

  8. debs at | | Reply

    madhuri is in need of a good bra.

  9. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    i LOVE madhuri dixit, shes my all time fav actress and thats why i cant bear to see her wearing a table cloth.

    and ayesha needs to put some bounce in her hair..she always has straight hair lol

  10. SS at | | Reply

    I don’t love Ayesha’s saree, but she does look absolutely cherubic.
    As for Madhuri, it is extremely hard for me to be objective about her, given what a goddess she is. I think that if she is going to be making public appearances regularly, she should hire a stylist who is not Manish Malhotra, and get someone to do her makeup. With features and presence like hers, she can do much better.

  11. sde at | | Reply

    Madhuri looks great

  12. arse at | | Reply

    Madhuri is outstanding always. Everyone falls short in front of her. Though her sari is bad but she rocks.

  13. dn at | | Reply

    Oh, it is so sad to see Madhuri in such an awful saree. It is not at all flattering to the body form.
    A tip to the people living in the US, buy classic sarees, like Kanjeevaram, Benaras, Paithanis, plain crepes, etc., they never go out of style. The shop owners and relatives in India may act as if you are very unfashionable, but even after 10 years you can wear them and not look outdated. You can get stylish blouses stitched instead.

    Ayesha looks too sweet. But I would like to see a better picture of the blouse.

  14. AMM at | | Reply

    OMG – how can they both get so bad! I almost feel like crying and I agree whole heartedly with dn – stick to the classic sarees since the trands change so fast in India.

  15. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Jeez, I think they’re both downright awful — the sari’s, of course. ;D

    It’s funny that we women think that it’s the men that will be judgmental in terms of how women age but man, it sure does seem like women are the ones who know how to pick older/younger women apart like nobody’s bidness!

    That, I refuse to do, b/c at the end of the day…these women (whether they’re in their 20’s or 40’s) are two beautiful women!

  16. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    btw, I’m just generally speaking…

  17. Nadia at | | Reply

    Madhuri will always be my favourite, I can’t find it in me to pick her apart even though she was never known for her sense of fashion. Perhaps if she folded the pallu over her shoulders, she wouldn’t have looked so bad. At the end of the day, she still has that face – so she can get away with whatever she wears. She is Madhuri Dixit after all!

  18. Michelle at | | Reply

    ayesha is looking so cute and pertty…radiant…so just overlook her outfit

  19. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Agree with everyone about the absolute necessity of good support on top as we age. We all know she has 2 kids and is not expected to look anything like she did in her 20s. That said, her dress sense is and has always been awful. She’s known for her beauty, acting and dancing, definitely not for her sense of style.
    Ayesha is no better, actually. She has a gorgeous baby-faced look but I have always seen her in the most atrocious, unflattering outfits which make her look very stout.
    @koel, I couldn’t stop laughing at your comments, its SO true!

  20. suchi at | | Reply

    madhuri needs a bra fitting and she will look great!

  21. manisha at | | Reply

    horrible saree for madhuri, but gorgeous smile and perfect red lips ALWAYS
    ayesha looks cute but im not liking what’s going on with the blouse..

  22. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Ayesha is gorgeous !! I’d love to sit with her and find out what she does for that glowing skin and shiny hair.
    Madhuri does look ‘top heavy’ but am guessing its just the lights and angle.

  23. Desiette at | | Reply

    Iam very biased and cannot find it in me to fault Madhuri no matter what she does. Having come of age in the 90’s, Iam myself most comfortable with the 90’s fashion style (most observed in the way the pallu is stretched tightly across the chest). Not saying its good or bad. But I can totally understand her finding one look and sticking with it, since it works for her.

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