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  1. SS at | | Reply

    Hate that saree hate that look overall. Poor thing she is stuck in a rut.

  2. slc at | | Reply

    Saree is ok and she looks nice.

  3. ss at | | Reply

    she never seems to win with you all. I think she looks great…she dresses appropriately and obviously comfortable in her get up. It is time HHC stop prescribing the same medicine and dosage to all!

  4. Manreet at | | Reply

    She mislaid the invite and dressed for a wedding.

  5. just casually at | | Reply

    She is overdressed for a premier. Also there are other sarees around other than the blingy done to death stuff.

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  6. rash at | | Reply

    You guys never feature her regularly..and feature only her bas sightings….Never ever when she gets her look right…

    1. payal at | | Reply

      when did she ever get it right?

      1. lovely at | | Reply

        Payal, agree to it that u have been biased to her. There were lot many jhalak appearances with new hairstyles and different dresses. Why did u feature her in the episodes she had her same hairstyle only?? Isn’t that a case of being biased ?? Nyways, this isnt a fan page…so let it go. Nyways, I agree tht she oozes a lot of confidence in whatever she carries…..bling or no bling!! Fashion is what u really feel comfortable in….Trend is whay u set in for!! Madhuri always shines in whatever she wears…and tht is why she is being commented and u r the ones who look upto her for her new appearances !!! Well hope she clears ur xam too someday….and i hope she doesn’t too so tht she can show she needs no scores to be what she is !!

  7. Daniel Pillai at | | Reply

    She may not be the best dressed, but she always carries off all her looks with confidence. I think that is what really counts.

    1. lovely at | | Reply

      True. Very true. What is the use of being all dressed up but have a personality tht no one cares for !!! It’s as good as designer collections on display in a showroom !!

  8. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Why is she dressed for a wedding? That saree is too much for just a premiere. A simpler saree would have been better.

  9. aalia at | | Reply

    the saree is to garish and her whole look just screams at you to be made over. she has a stunning face which never grabs you as the whole package is so boring.
    sridevi is a erfect example of how to dress your age and look gorgeous in the process. every look is beautiful, sexy and graceful.mads just doesnt get out of this whole indian aunty look and its frustrating.

  10. Nupur at | | Reply

    Nobody can deny she’s one gorgeous woman but this soap opera sari needs to go.

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  12. fashionista at | | Reply

    love the saree, its not event appropriate but she looks good. I so wish she’d get rid of that hair and do diff things like plaits, buns etc., with it. fingers crossed for a change of hair some day!

  13. psudo at | | Reply

    I think the abu sandeep saree looks fab on madhuri and the colour really compliments her skin tone !!! why is bright always considered OTT !!!

  14. lak.k at | | Reply

    she is stuck in another time zone with her hair.So sad!

  15. Ash at | | Reply

    Loved Madhuri .. Her grace, beauty and most of all her Confidence!
    She looks so wonderful here.
    pnP, I don’t seem to understand you guys. Lac luster ladies with insipid clothes and zero confidence are accepted with a statement like – “her signature style”. When it comes to Madhuri and Priyanka Chopra, no matter how wonderful and comfortable they may appear, there always seems to be a need for change?
    There are ladies who may seem to wear the right clothes. But Styling and clothing should be to add to a persons persona. Brands and Labels on drooping shoulders and caved in chests are just that….labels!

  16. john S at | | Reply

    Sabyasachi should go to her as his new muse… both will score some brownies

  17. Sheikha at | | Reply

    What happened to that new hairstyle??? The one she debuted in the fashion show as the show stopper?

  18. Vanaja at | | Reply

    That is one ugly sari….She should have gone easy with her makeup as well.

  19. payal at | | Reply

    maybe she dresses like this on purpose. with all the glorious saris in india ,she can’t always be getting it so wrong

  20. Fashion in India at | | Reply

    She looks stunning. I really like her saris color combination. Madhuri is not a style icon but whatever she carries , she caries it with confidence which give her compliment.

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