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    Lots of arpita mehta for MD on JDJ !!! i remember we have seen these in last season also….

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    Not that this is anything special however it’s a welcome change from the horrible run of late. It looks good and fits well-who would’ve thought that’s too much to ask for.

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    Not too fond of net sarees but Madhuri looks good.

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    This Arpita Mehta sari look has been done to death by various celebrities, so no brownie points for novelty. Second of all, Madhuri looked 10x better in the Payal Pratap look than this see-through net sari mess. She’s back to looking like a tacky 90s diva.

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    I find transparent saris and chammak challo blouses very off-putting.

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    Oh so after taping this she is going for a Falguni Pathak Dandiya Raas show..

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    Holy Rack Batman !!

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    Tacky in every possible way….. Also, In my opinion, after a certain age one looks more attractive when they act/dress fashionable yet conservative.

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      I hate to agree. Its either age or figure. Maybe Malaika could work it (i assume she is around the same age as Madhuri) if she didnt act sexy..

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    color washing her out. net looks super tacky, blouse is all kinds of baaaddd.

    same old same old.

    Try sabya MD. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. even though m bored of him, u NEED his earthiness

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      Agree with you…….Madhuri needs to go earthy and understated…..not chhamak chhallo….

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    This year her styling on the show has been so so so bad..

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    Net sari with cheap tacky border. Die. Now.

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    Do. Not. Like. Net. Sarees.

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    P&P that is Yami not Ileana…

    We’ve seen way too much of these sarees

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    Why Madhuri Why? Why cant she get a look right . Last episode the fit of the pants was off and now she is back with a bang in this…I think only Juhi Chawla has aged gracefully among her peers. This is just outright chammak challo tacky…

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    Why MD. Such inspiring, gorgeous face and such uninspiring outfits. One after the other!

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    MD makes this look very soaper starry ….and the back of the blouse seems to be a little tight

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