1. This ends on a very low note for me. I give up. Same hair, same waist flaunting lehenga in a different color. So dated !! Why doesn’t she get the point. I haven’t seen any other celebrity wear these idiotic lehengas. If it her signature style it is horrible and it is not timeless like rekha’s sarees or simi garewal ‘s obsession with white or even Katrina’s minimalist look. She has a very pretty face but the clothes that she picks are pathetic. I can’t even blame the stylist as they try to make her look as pretty as they can in these outfits. The stylist can only take the horse to the water can’t shove the water down the throat. Wish she wore outfits that did justice to that gorgeous face.

    • i can’t believe you put Katrina in the same bracket as Rekha and Simi G, but I get your point! Madhuri needs to shed these clothes and wear minimalist outfits like Marian Goretti or Mini Mathur.

      • How is Rekha’s or Simi Garewal’s fashions choices any better than Katrina minimalist looks. She doesn’t play dress up like most movie stars do but she has a good every day style which is sufficient for some one with her looks.

  2. I’m just glad we won’t have to put with Madhuri’s fashion every other day now that Jhalak is ending. Hallelujah for small mercies.

    If I don’t see Madhuri’s navel for the next 10 years, it will be too soon.

    One parting advice… I really wish she would adopt a slightly more mature look – shorter sleeker cleaner looking hair and more simplicity in her clothing choices. Please stop with the modern aunty type bling.

    • Haha “aunty type bling”! I couldn’t agree more! She looks so dolled up and over accessorized on these horrible lehengas and sarees, she wasn’t even this glammed up when she was leading heroine in her movies! Dress according to age, and accept that you are 40+ now. There’s nothign wrong with that. As for comments that she’s dressing so because Jhalak as a show itself is blingy (remember reading it somewhere as an excuse for her to dress up like this), well, blingy can be minimalist too!

  3. Not that I have a problem with indian clothes in fact it suites Madhuri better. But I thought this season she was supposed to be wearing western clothes. As for this look its a bit much for a TV show. That shade of pink looks good on her though!

  4. this one is such a downer again… ok i love the lehanga ..bangles…nails…everything is great ..but i think those earings and that maang tikka , and the hair style are just takin away from the entire look…tooo much pink …best would have been a pulled back messy bun…with just green emerald and kundan mixed with pearls jhumkas…THATS IT. and that dupatta would be better if it came like a half saree style with a flowing pallu may be..

  5. It’s like she is still not out of her Devdas days and will break into a “dhai shaam rok lai, aur chak mukh choom lai” dance any minute! The colour of the ghagra is pretty and suits her.

  6. The runway piece of Anushree Reddy’s had a different choli and I loved that one so much more than this one – it is a beautiful delicate piece. This one just didn’t come across that way :(

  7. You know how some stores deck up for Christmas starting in September itself? Somehow, she reminds me of them- totally unnecessary, somewhat inappropriate bling.

    • She never was an elegant dresser. Even when she was doing all those films she was always gaudy. And now she is truly atrocious. Just does not get it that the only way to look good is to accept your age.

  8. Such harsh comments – guys, she’s a gorgeous woman who looks every inch a superstar. Cut her some slack (not that she’s looking for validation here). Some of the comments are seriously cringeworthy – you didn’t like the way it was styled – just say that and move on instead of using 10 different harsh words that mean the same thing in a really long paragraph.
    The internet seems to have encouraged us to have an opinion on everything and the anonymity has encouraged us to say/type things we would never dare to say aloud to the person concerned .

  9. I am glad that that the show is ending. It is now a good bye to her gaudy clothes and belly appearances. Even if the stylist has a part to play in this mess she can always say NO.

  10. I fail to understand as to why she has been dressing up this way this entire season! It feels like she is off to a wedding after the shoot:) even worse than her dressing has been the constant ‘madhuri is great ‘ chant on the show which puts me off even more!

    • Oh gosh you stole the words out of my mouth! I don’t watch JDJ regularly (too loud, too long, too boring), but everytime I am flipping the channels, and don’t know why, stop on the channel showing JDJ, all I see is one of the judges dancing, and/or contestants dancing and then grabbing the judges’ hands and then they joining, and all include Madhuri. Stop it already.

    • + a million. I agree with everything. I used to like her. But this worshipping of her on the show has put me off. She cannot and could never (20 years back) do half the things that shakthi mohan can do on the floor. But yet, more talented people have to “earn” a dance with her. And no, not every guest wants to flirt with her. This is so not entertaining. I could never watch the show without the forward button.

  11. I don’t understand why Madhuri has had to dress up like a bride on more than one occasions on this show. This is just another lovely bridal look from her, not necessarily apt for the judge of a TV show.

  12. i think she is lookin beautiful. the color sweets her. but i wished she picked a manish malhotra creation for the finals like she usually used to because i’m not a fan of the lehenga itself. but no denying she looked good!

  13. What a pathetic look. She can never get it right. What is wrong with her? First her choices are awful and add to that she wants to dance on stage on every episode!


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