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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    Sorry – Madhoo cannot carry a dress like this. She just can’t. Her hair is a mess. Those shoes – not feeling em at all.

  2. Sabrina at | | Reply

    Guys are you kidding? Please be kidding.

  3. radhika at | | Reply

    nooooo u are kidding!

  4. beezee at | | Reply

    The dress is something i would not wear and it certainly doesnot suit Madhoo .

  5. Neelu at | | Reply

    The dress itself is fun! She did every bit she can to ruin it!!

    1. ash at | | Reply


  6. ritu at | | Reply

    thats true madhoo cud not do justice to the look…..its such a lovely print…no doubt!

  7. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    What a waste!! Madhu should give this dress to Diya Mirza immediately :)

  8. wannabe at | | Reply

    Can’t believe that she can spend this kind of money on such a simple looking dress!!!

  9. Iris at | | Reply

    lovely dress. just not on Madhoo. needs someone quirkier and more stylish. like i said once before, no matter what Madhoo does or how expensive her outfit is, she always comes across like a poor copy of one of her more stylistically confident friends.

  10. aman at | | Reply

    the dress is oh so cute… but it looks so ‘blah’ on madhoo… someone like sonam or shradhha kapoor cud hav carried this quirky dress wid a lot of attitude and spunk… and i hate how she has paired nude shoes and clutch… how unthoughtful #thumsdown

  11. priya at | | Reply

    the dress, for some reason, reminds me of all things frog and toad and at $600, it’s a ridiculous waste of money. as for Madhoo, she doesn’t have what it takes to carry this dress off. the dress is way too hip and edgy seems apt for the 16-25 age range.

  12. Lalitha at | | Reply

    The print is so cute!

  13. NR at | | Reply

    dress is fun in itself..but madhoo doesn’t seem to be doing justice to it..

  14. Candace at | | Reply

    I like this! I love the cut of it with the cap sleeve and scooped neckline.

  15. aparna at | | Reply

    the dress is lovely, checked out the site but 600 bucks : uhm… no thank you. she looks a mess though. the hair!??!?! guys how come you didn’t mention it? and the make up? and the shoes?!
    i’d love to see this dress on kangana and see how she styles it.

  16. Jasmine at | | Reply

    Love this dress, but it would have looked fantastic on Kangana

  17. anou at | | Reply

    i think madhoo looks great and i love the dress.

  18. Faiza at | | Reply

    ewww first thing which came to my mind was that i hate this print. sooo this is a big NO NO

  19. SMV at | | Reply

    The dress individually is good, but not on Madhoo

  20. Mania at | | Reply

    Ruined it!

  21. Neha at | | Reply

    Lovely dress.. but Madhu just doesnt have it!!

    P.S.: What about Rani and Rekha at the AsiaSpa event? I thought they both looked lovely!

  22. smita at | | Reply

    This is definitely a Dia or Kangana dress…it’s fun and youthful.

  23. Heaven at | | Reply

    PnP just wanted to let you know that there seems to be something wrong with the pages. As I move on to the next page, many of the posts repeat over there, they dont go date-wise, some post that I had looked at the day before wont even show under that date until I close the window and come back to website and such things.

    Dont know whether I am the only one facing this problem. But would be great if you could check it out.

  24. soni at | | Reply

    She shud just start acting her age !! and wear clothes suitable at her age !
    Every time I look at her
    she just looks more and more ridiculous ..

    lovely dress though

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