In Hervé Léger


And the latest to be spotted in a Léger was Ms. Shah who wore a black-and-white number to the People Magazine party. She looks good albeit a bit bland. But, compared to some of the looks that we’ve seen from her, this appearance is one for the books.


Left: Hervé Léger Dress
Right: Madhoo Shah At People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful‘ Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. So the dress itself – alright. But on Madhoo no!!! I don’t know what it is – nothing seems to work on her. Her face just lacks that glow and freshness. Like I always say and never tire of saying it’s almost like it’s apparent she hasn’t lost weight in a healthy way – her face just looks tired and worn out no matter how much make up and what not.

    • totally agree bout the face bit..somehow her face is always dull.
      dress loooks okk..she is never one to stand out anyway. wish she had added a pop of colour though..through her clutch/lipstick…

  2. Madhoo looks better than she has in a long time…I like the dress, shoes and the look on her but she looks really tired.

    • I agree with with you; she looks good in the dress. I disagree with you Priyanka, accessories would be lost on this dress. Madhoo’s understated look is a perfect way to go.

  3. Of all Hervé Léger this is wat she had to pick…. YuCk.
    She also needs to work on her legs and arms as she doesnt look like the Léger lady. And OMG WTF is that make-up… Miz Madhoo Shah, i guess you are still living in cinemascope of your era.

  4. i for one love her shoes! anyone, P&P, know what brand they are?

    she has the body for it but her makeup is a downer. and her hair needs a new style, pronto.

  5. OMG, there’s such a huge difference between how she looks currently and how her ROJA co-star Arvind Swamy looks today !!
    She looks awesome .


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