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  1. Natasha at | | Reply

    I have the dress in Gold ..and she ruined it with those accessories!!

  2. bongbabe at | | Reply

    is this lulla related to the god awful nulla design team?

    anyway, her dress looks funny round the bust. the girls look squashed.

    finding accessories for these 2 dresses should not have been hard.

  3. Pamela at | | Reply

    The gold one on Krishka is so badly fitted!!Those babies must’ve been screaming for escape!

  4. mesta at | | Reply

    Madhoo’s dress doesn’t flatter her body at all! And she really needs to comb her hair before she steps out of her house.
    I do like everything on the Lulla lady, the dress and the accessories but she somehow isn’t making it work- on someone else it would’ve rocked!

  5. shriya at | | Reply

    eeeeeks. mutton dressed as lamb.

  6. diva at | | Reply

    I hate the underboob action going on with Krishika’s dress.

  7. Ratna at | | Reply

    There are also problems with the fit of these dresses.

  8. sim at | | Reply

    Forget about the dress, someone should introduce Madhoo to concealers!

  9. SS at | | Reply

    Madhoo always looks so tacky and yeah… concealers missy….will do u wonders!

    1. Pratibha at | | Reply

      Agree with SS,Sim & mesta…trying to look natural is quite good…but Madhoo always ends up looking so unkempt…so badly needs a good hair brush, concealers pronto !!! My major gripe is what’s with grown women always wanting to wear short- body wrap dresses….a change would be nice like Bips in Dior.

  10. ProudToLookLikeMyBai at | | Reply

    Herve Leger and body con dresses are already so last decade.

    Please folks stop wearing them. They are overrated and their moment is past.

  11. shilpi at | | Reply

    Again why the need to feature Madhoo in all her outings? there are lot well dressed women out there who should be featured

  12. gauri at | | Reply

    Dear Madhoo,
    You have kids
    You are 40+
    You DO NOT have a body like Shilpa Shetty
    Those bodycon dresses DO NOT suit u
    Also invest in some concealer
    And yes, a comb/ straightener!

    Dear other Lady,
    Has someone introduced u to Spanx!?

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