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    Horrible and trashy but who is she? never heard of her

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      There is always google to lookup people you haven’t heard of. BTW MIA looks gorgeous!! LOVEE

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        I <3 herrrr

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      Maya Arulprakasam, a Lankan-British singer/musician.

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      serious??? a singer from London of Sri Lankan origin…

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        She did most of the sound track for Slumdog millionaire, yes she is Srilankan tamil.

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      Agree. That is the ugliest spider web masquerading as a dress I have ever seen. And the golden orange lipstick is so wrong for her coloring.

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      she sang the song ‘paper planes’ for slumdog millionaire.

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    Queenie Singh (featured a few posts earlier) is sporting an equally awful gold dress with, imho, an equally “I-freaking-rock-this-look attitude”. sometimes even the wearers attitude cant save the dress.

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    Umm what what attitude is apparent that saves this from being a WTHeyy – this is such a WTHeyy all the way. From head to toe!!!

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    It would have looked slightly better if she’d brushed her hair and worn better make up.
    I understand she’s not your run of the mill musician and she’s got a funkier style than many others- but come on. I usually love her style (remember when she was preggo and she wore that Manish Arora creation) but she just looks unruly and untidy here.

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    I love most Alexander Wang’s work, but I do not like this outfit, though I think M.I.A> looks okay.

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    mia has such a big personality, she can totally carry this off. it’s actually a lot tamer and less insane than the other stuff she’s worn to events.

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      I agree…I guess you have to know of her and her entire image to understand this look on her. Hence the many wthheys.

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    Love the look, love her face, love the music!

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    It is still a WTHeyy for me P&P. Sumtimes i don understand U girls.. U r so biased towards ur personal favourites or watev.
    She has NO ‘ I-freaking-rock-this-look’ attitude.. U r hallucinating. The dress is such a mess. who would wear dat tacky dress??? n who is dis girl anyway? :D

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      Wow that’s a bit harsh they aren’t ‘hallucinating’ at all…if you knew who this ‘girl’ was (M.I.A. – great music btw), you would understand this look on her. Or maybe you wouldn’t.

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    puhlease ! this is a wtheyy no matter the attitude ..

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    considering how she’s dressed up the past, this is okay..still a lot of work to do for this gal..

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    Oh M.I.A.,
    I don’t know what to think of you. You make awesome music and have a kick-ass sense of style, and I agree with SOME of your political messages but you also sometimes make me mad. Your Marc Jacobs adds and pregnant swagger with Kanye and Jay-Z, on the other hand, made me happy. Also, you are pretty.

    So yeah, she works it.

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      Right on, pdaervo! Freaky dress, but I think she rocks it. If you have heard about her, seen her in concert or TV, or listened to her music, you’d know why some of us think that she looks good. Think of how Lady Gaga dresses.

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        Right ON!

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    who is she? She’s def not an indian celeb. I hope not atleast

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      No, she is a much bigger international celebrity. She was nominated for an Oscar – how many South Asian women celebs can boast of that???

      Yes the outfit is awful, but she is always known for her extreme looks. Her face minus the lip colour actually looks good.

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        Sure! I figured we only featured indian celebs on this blog, so asked!
        thanks, i looked her up:-)

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          “No, she is a much bigger international celebrity” Just because she’s international doesn’tmean she’s bigger than an Indian celebrity. Jeez. There are some Indian celebs have a larger fan base/ more influence than some International clebs.

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    this is sensible compared to some of the things she’s been seen in before. she’s a very pretty girl. i wish she’d tone down her outlandish dress sense and stick to expressing herself with her music.

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    That’s a horrible outfit

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    I always thot she looked messy and unclean….kinda greasy bitchy look….but GOD’!!!!! she looks AWESUM in this pic….here face looks sooo good. n tht orange lipstick :D love!!!!!

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    it can be whatever…
    its still disgusting and she looks horrible…..
    bt we luv u M.I.A

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    The outfit is reallly bad and I dont think anyone can make THIS work!

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    MIA is funky and she totally has her own sense of fashion. i LOVE her for who she is, for her music, for her political activities. i usually love her sense of dressing, though its not my personal style. but i have to agree with most above. this is a little trashy, quite possibly a WTHeyyy, even though i admire her personality and attitude( which btw does not save this look ). her wild sense of dressing( my favorite being what she wore during her grammy performance when she was preggers ) is soo much better than this unfortunate disaster. ugh, i hate to hate on MIA :(

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    Costume Institute Gala is all about drama and glam. while this may not be glamorous it definitely has drama.
    it’s so her style.

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    Sorry please can someone explain to the ladies who run this blog what the “rocker” look entails? Just because you know she’s a singer doesnt make her a “rocker-chic” nor is there an attitude here in play.

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      exactttttttt, P&P come onnnnnn, you can’t call a fisher net and a stupid pose rock style

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    in my eyes, MIA can DO NO WRONG! Love Love Love her!

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    MIA is awesome Tamil girl from London who is not only enlightened about social issues but is also not afraid to sing about them! Just because she’s on the red carpet doesn’t mean she has to be something else. This perfect shiny hair-“glamorous gown” – stylist constructed look is not the only thing that is fashion. Fashion is also about experimenting and expressing yourself.

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    she looks to fierce! i love it!

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    Love her music! I’m on the fence on that dress however… she’s a gorgeous talented person who could have made a major statement at the Met…

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    Alexander Wang for ‘Gap’!!!

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    Love her music but hate her dressing style.
    She looks awful here – that dress should be burnt. She looks like a walking oil slick. Unfortunately even her attitude cant save this disaster.

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    When I look at her, the dress doesn’t seem as bad as my head tells me it should, so I guess the attitude is working here! But then Mia most often than not works outfits that would look ridiculous on others.

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    I actually LOVE IT.

    ONLY ON HER though.

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    I don’t mean to offend anyone but why is it that when priyanka chopra or sushmita sen or some other bollywood actress try something new, it is a not quite or wtheyy, but when m.i.a. Or Frieda pinto dress crazy, they are applauded? I feel like they get special treatment just bc they are more “international”.

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      that’s the thing right, bollywood actresses rarely try something new. pc’s stuck in the same rut of mini dresses since forever, sushmita sen with her black tops or leopard print dresses. we wish they would try something new!

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        I agree too.

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    Chichichi…what is this dress/ensemble/spiderweb that makes me say EEEGADS.

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    The dress is a different one and not so good, but I like the confident look in her face and the red/orange lips which makes the dress ‘ok’ from ‘WTHeyyy’. The dress shape also is suiting her body giving a mermaid kind of look.
    Also it is a Costume Institute Gala not an Oscar…..check-out the other stars at the event…….so I go for ‘ok’.

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    It’s not a bad dress. This is one of those rare cases where she would have looked good blonde or at the least wore a short light colored wig to accentuate the gown. Or even a beaded head piece. It’s the Costume Institute Gala, do it up girl!

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