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    This looks scary to say the least!

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    I am not a fool to hate this!! Amazing!

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    It’s bold and beautiful but I am not sure if it looks Indian! :/

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    Hahaha, never was so undecided on any look. Its so so OTT. But I guess it has the potentially to be a winner.

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    Not original at all! Miss Thailand and/or Miss Indonesia contestants in the past have donned very similar costumes!

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      Yes! You’re right! It looks more Thai/Indonesian than Indian. But I do like it better than the lenghas that these Miss India contestants always wear.

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    It looks more like the Thai/Malaysian (sorry didn’t pay enough attention :P) dance costume that they show on the tourism advts.

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    How is it in anyway Indian ?

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    This is THAI! Why is an Indian representative wearing it. These guys are really stupid.

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    How is this Indian national dress? Carnival costume more like.

    In fairness, it is not uncommon for some of these ‘national dresses’ to have such bizarre extra bits, and often I have seen contestants open them up like a peacock opening up its plumes. India’s understated, dignified looks (mostly Ritu Kumar creations) have been a welcome change … until now!

    Did you know Juhi Chawla won the national costume round when she was a MIss Universe contestant?

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    first i thought it was manish arora coz we see all this OTT stuff in his shows but i believe this is done by Neeta lulla. this isnt her style at all. but nevertheless its effective and apt for the platform.

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    What is this? B Grade Bollywood movie dance costume meets Siam Niramit dancers meet Nataraja statue???Ok u can fool the judges but can u fool the entire population of India???
    What is this and since when did this become our national costume?? I didnt like it. Wht is the horizontal support rod doing there…it looks like a last minute addition – a vertical one would have helped better as it will remain hidden. Neeta Lulla sometimes does make u cringe. Cannes you forget Ash?

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    Thai seriously have you looked around to eastern India btw which is also a part of our culture and country. I lived there and that is the vibe i am getting.

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      Indian is not just rajasthiani print, or gujrati work or south indian silk or kerala saree. Look east my friends look east in your very own country, you will be amazed.

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        Reah, Thanks for speaking up. This look may falter at the contest, for all we know. I am hoping, not. Kudos to the Susmita Sen & team “I Am She” for their inclusive spirit & attempting something new and . – A South Indian

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    Isn’t that a Hindu Goddess? Sorry, not up to date on Hindu gods. I wish I could paste a link. But the pic I’m looking at has 4 hands and the halo thing is almost identical. Also a lot of Shiva lingams around it.

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    Yup, I am one of the ones on the fence. Hate that it is so OTT, but I also think it reminds me of Natraj.

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    Compared to the other contestants, this was quite toned down and pretty!

    Nicely done, ma’am.

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    This is exactly the kind of thing you would see in a film by an Indian-born foreign director to “depict” India. They might as well have added a tiger there and given her a mace and a sword to hold in her hands. Absurd!

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    Just a lot of bling . Its more East asian – balinese or cambodian than Indian !

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    Folks, look at canada before commenting.

    Anyway, I was tired of ye old random ghagra choli which might look exotic to everyone else but was quite boring. I do think if this were more inspired by mahabharat type mukuts it would be more recognizable.

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    Straight out of Vegas.

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    Oh the poor girl!!!!

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    What does it mean ? Can’t seem to remember any hindu goddess wearing such a costume.

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    Why is Sushmita Sen and the I am She team being complimented Noyonita Lodh was selected by Times of India for this contest. Sushmita Sen has nothing to do with the selection of Miss India for Miss Universe contest anymore.

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    Essentially the most chauvinistic occasion in popculture today. Disgrace.

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