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    Masaba looks lovely! A change from her usual earthy designs though. Will she stop doing her own cow and camera prints?And even the blue sari is gorge, I never liked Satya Paul designs before. The yellow is meh.

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    Love Lisa always! Masaba looks fab!! love the colors!

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    Yep, all the ladies look lovely!!!

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    Somebody arrest Lisa Ray!!

    It’s illegal to look that good!

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    Love the sari and Lisa but hate the halter top!

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    I will give this round to Masaba. She is looking gorgeous and after the long time I loved what she is wearing.

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    Lisa – wow, for what she is… Masaba looks simple and lovely

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    I am so happy that I lived long enough to see Masaba look good in a sari. Cannot stand anyone wears a sari with a halter top.

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    All the ladies look great.

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    fabulous..an i have just bought the exact print that masaba is wearing for £20!

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    i like masaba’s sari.

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    Am I the only one who finds all the sarees rather blah? I have an beautiful old Satya Paul black and white fish saree. Its about 15 years old. When no one else was doing cows and fish… Lisa, Sujata.. all the sarees are so – unimpressive.

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      Spot on, Mad Momma. Masaba looks nice but it’s despite the ugly saree.
      Our traditional weavers do better any day!

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    Masaba Gupta has never looked as good in her own designs, and while I’m no fan of Satya Paul sarees either, I fear that she will bring her particular brand of aesthetic and somewhat (arguably) poor understanding of fabric, print and finish to this label too.

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    Out of all, love the saree on Poornima the most.

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    Masaba please sort out your annoying hairdo,besides Lisa all look nothing but mediocar

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    i agree…she looks fab

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