Sari Style


Launching her limited edition collection for Satya Paul was Lisa Ray today at the Satya Paul Delhi store. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Also present at the event and sporting SP saris, but of course, were creative head Masaba, brand head Poornima and Sujata. Gotta give a special mention to Sujata. She looked lovely in the cheery yellow.


Lisa Ray at the Launch of Lisa Ray For Satya Paul Collection


Masaba, Poornima Vardhan and Sujata Assomull at Satya Paul Store


  1. Masaba looks lovely! A change from her usual earthy designs though. Will she stop doing her own cow and camera prints?And even the blue sari is gorge, I never liked Satya Paul designs before. The yellow is meh.

  2. Am I the only one who finds all the sarees rather blah? I have an beautiful old Satya Paul black and white fish saree. Its about 15 years old. When no one else was doing cows and fish… Lisa, Sujata.. all the sarees are so – unimpressive.

  3. Masaba Gupta has never looked as good in her own designs, and while I’m no fan of Satya Paul sarees either, I fear that she will bring her particular brand of aesthetic and somewhat (arguably) poor understanding of fabric, print and finish to this label too.


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