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  1. Debashree at | | Reply

    I beg to differ. I can totally imagine Deepika owning this look too!!

    1. sk at | | Reply

      For me, the only kind of look that Deepika has not been able to pull off are the crop top ones. I can think of Shradda Kapoor who might be able to pull this off but this does not seem like her style.

      1. Tania at | | Reply

        Oh please no ! Deepika has a very boxy figure…. No waist at all. I agree that Shradha, with her tiny waist could pull it off but she lacks Lisa’s sex appeal. I can also see Shilpa and Priyanka working this look. Because of their figure and sex appeal.

  2. Thea at | | Reply

    Supermodel – ness !!

  3. Anu at | | Reply

    Aaaah those abs!!!

  4. LCoodly at | | Reply


  5. Hepburn at | | Reply

    Lisa can wear anything and look good.

  6. Farah Khan at | | Reply

    I think Deepika and Shradha could rock this look too.
    But lisa looks smokin!!!

  7. Violet at | | Reply


  8. Tania at | | Reply

    Lisa looks sizzling !! She is giving a very Jolie-esque vibe here.

  9. aa at | | Reply


  10. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Holy Molly! Those Abs!!

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