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  1. slc at | | Reply

    Rows 1 and 3 are quite lovely.

  2. urvi at | | Reply

    Expected a bit more from Abu Sandeep..Nothing to rave about

  3. Anuja at | | Reply

    What a confused collection :\

  4. s at | | Reply

    expected more, quite underwhelming.

  5. Kanu at | | Reply

    All that glitters is ABU JANI & SANDEEP KHOSLA…!!
    And I don’t mean it in a good way ..!!

  6. Pretty purple at | | Reply

    Nothing festive about this collection. They have made better and beautiful dresses. Some of the pieces are silly.

  7. SS at | | Reply

    Unfortunate that celebs and the gliteratti will be paying a bomb for outfits that look like an art project (Row 4)

  8. Deej at | | Reply

    So very dated. Meh.

  9. DramaMama at | | Reply

    It will find its takers, we all know that. But this is a crazily mixed up collection. There seems to be no thought process. Just a random collection of outfits with different trends that suited their fancy.

  10. NEMO at | | Reply

    loved the name ‘jawani janeman’
    collection looking like 4 different designers has worked on it.. very mixed and confused..
    only the whites are amazinggg… love them. !!!

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