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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Oh My ! Such a fun easy collection !!
    I love the first and last row. In the middle one, the circular appliques spoil it a tad bit for me. The blue-green saree with the red floral applique border is yummy on the model. Sexy !

  2. Ren at | | Reply

    Love! These are so merry and whimsical. I’m not a fan of the blue floor length gown- it seems a little off. Ditto for the red and maroon floor length gown- I appreciate the play on silhouette and color, but it seems too difficult for even the model to carry off.

    1. Amber at | | Reply

      Yeah i agree, the red gown looks a bit off in an otherwise Fab collection. What great play on colurs and textures. Very fresh and vibrant!!

  3. Neha Tandon at | | Reply

    I love the blue and the maroon & orange floor length gowns..which store can i find them – Bombay Electric, Samsara? Where? I love your work Nachiket..huge fan!

  4. Bash at | | Reply

    Love them all….. and want them all… :)

  5. shireen at | | Reply

    The cream car coat is delicious. Absolutely lust worthy!

  6. kanika at | | Reply

    isnt he SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented!? genius

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