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    Wow Wow Wow! I rarely get excited about the LFW. But this is truly fantastic. For once we have a designer thinking out of the box using Indian fabric and designs but with a new slant to it. The clothes look sharp and Vaishali’s fashion sense is unerringly on the mark. If anyone can give Sabya a run for his money it is Vaishali!

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    I like some of the maxi silhouettes (top row) she’s got going, but otherwise not feeling it.

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    First collection so far where I like more things than I hate.
    Love the right most outfit, top row. The long overcoat goes really well with the peach maxi. I would wear it as is.

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    Ooh, love what she’s done with traditional fabrics and weaves. Someone sure to watch out for. Hope Ash Rai Bachchan tries some of these for her next outing. She could knock it out of the park.

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    Beautiful collection – innovative, wearable, Indo-chic!

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