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  1. Anonymous at | | Reply

    what a strange collection. No theme for sure. the gold dress on Tinu is hideous

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply


    Ohhhhh another Neeta Lulla in the making? These look like the things Kimi Katkar used to wear in forgettable movies!


  3. Sonia at | | Reply

    The theme is an excuse to pass off bridal wear for her Dubai clientèle as serious fashion

  4. Priyanka at | | Reply

    @ Anon #3

    Once again, we respect everyone’s opinions here and so should you! When its fashion its obvious that its going to be subjective and hence the grey areas of everyone’s own personal opinion! And there really can’t be a decisive right or wrong!

    We enjoy fashion and this space is meant for fun and for the ‘fashion inclined voyeurs’, don’t take it all too seriously!

    And while we’d like to hear everyone’s opinion on each of our posts, please stay off the offensive language.(and thats why your comment was deleted)


  5. confuseD at | | Reply

    the pink dress in the 3rd picture is so inspired by the balenciaga scructured dress!!

  6. reaa at | | Reply

    i loved the collection it obvioius the fashion idiots who have commented here have no idea brocade is really hot this seson-it an amazing mix of indo western look-

  7. anna at | | Reply

    fab collection -love the white dress

  8. seema at | | Reply

    very nice -intersting collection-i like mix of lace with brocades

  9. lyzeh at | | Reply

    fab collection-u guys out there -have no taste -its a great collection

  10. Esha at | | Reply

    Pria Kataria is my favorite designer ever. Her vision is original, classy and it shows she comes from a wealthy background. Pria as a person is also very humble.
    And after I saw this collection, what can i say.. She did it again ! :)
    But with pria… The sky is the limit !

  11. geet at | | Reply

    i love this collection,amazing where can i buy these outfits from.

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