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    Seriously… we’ve had Delhi couture week, aaamby (is that the right number of A’s?) valley bridal week and now this… Are there ANY, ANY designers in India who can turn out decent pret? All these look apt for a sangeet or a wedding or some occasion the nouveau riche and NRIs can blow their dollars (or onions) at.

    No wonder Zara, Mango, Fabindia and Bangkok have no competition here for just some smart stuff that an average Indian woman earning in Rupees can buy. I laugh when I see the splurge vs steal sections in the fash mags. Splurge: 2 lakhs, steal 20,000!!! Yes, I will still have to steal from a bank to afford that, fashion ladies! If a collective of designers could get together and have a chain of stores selling RTW, I’m sure it’d be a good idea. It would mean actually working through the year, and not trying to sell one lehenga for 5 lakhs. And oh ya, thinking about price points etc, not to mention the quality control they’d have to do, but it isn’t un-doable.

    We all bemoan the fact that our crafts are dying blabla, but so few designers are actually bringing them to the mass market. Are we not worth it?!

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      +1 Thank you!! I’m not good with putting my sentiments into words. But on HHC I always come across a comment or 2 by people like you who share the same thoughts.

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    dont like !!!!

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    Dislike! So much going on.

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    loved the first one on third row…beautiful

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    Top row, last two outfits. Made from leftover cloth from one of the previous seasons. Dia mirza had worn a salwar from the material and in the same design as the one one the far right.

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    I always find their collection uninspiring and boring. Something if priced right we masses would buy for sure but nothing designer about them. same old same old.

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    Why would I buy these from them???! Ever taken a walk thru chandini chowk shymal n bumika??! So high street meets designer???

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      +1 …..or even Gandhi Market in Mumbai.

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    I have liked a couple shyamal & bhumika pieces in the past but it’s a huge disappointment this time. Very lackluster!

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    I haven’t been following their collections but when i saw these I definitely thought ‘Sabyasachi’ but last season. Esp that pink saree and black blouse. No? Just me then? Okay.

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