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    i can totally see sonam wearing the first outfit on the first row!

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    Oh to sit there and change the font color for the background must have been annoying ;) but thank YOU for doing that.

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    Ill fitted unfinished!!

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    Hello… Elie Saab anyone?
    Though, Mr Saab is the grand couturier to Hollywood elite and his designs are more dreamy- Sailex has a slight “edge” to it.

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      Also Dior in a big big way. The fashion weeks in India are a joke, they are not just inspired by the west. Indian designers behave like high street brands, they are ripping off the big guys so much

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        Agreed. The Indian fashion scene is highly derivative.

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    Lovely collection – particularly love the electric blue kimono style gown in the top row. But anyone get a touch of Elie Saab from it all? Especially with those thin belts at the waist…

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    Except for a few pieces the rest looks so jhataak – and not in a good way at all! And as someone mentioned, looks unfinished, ill fitting.

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