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  1. Anu at | | Reply

    I think Leighton’s boots are too clunky looking for that dress. Sonam’s shoes really make the look work.

    1. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

      I agree… Those studded shoes on Sonam are to die for!

    2. Dips at | | Reply

      Totally agree with u!

      1. Sharin at | | Reply

        I love the shoes on Sonam but her bronze bag, gold hoops, and black shoes just do not work for me. Leighton’s dress with Sonam’s shoes = hit.. otherwise they’re both a not quite.

    3. beans at | | Reply


    4. preeti at | | Reply

      exactly my thoughts ….loved those shoes on Sonam , and some how her look is also more put together and wearable..

  2. Nida at | | Reply

    It is really hard to tell, but I found my heart strings being tugged towards Sonam. So, I stopped, analyzed and decided she wins by a millimeter due to her hair. It’s simple so it allows the abstract print to breath.

  3. Pooja at | | Reply

    Sonam definitely looks way better than Leighton. Sonam has this thing of looking super FAB all the time!!!

  4. Maze at | | Reply

    Sonam’s dress is too long, the bag and shoes compete with the dress, but she has a fantastic figure!

  5. shreya at | | Reply

    I love the print on Leighton …its so alive. I am not a fan of sonam’s dress- the print and the neckline plus those hoops are not for me. But those yummy shoes and a balenciaga… they have often come in my dreams :):) Overall, I marginally pick Leighton because she looks so carefree and happy while Sonam kind of all dressed up…if you know what I mean.

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    It has to be Sonam for me because of the shoes. I’ve been LUSTING over the Balmain shoes.
    I also always hate how flat Leighton’s hair is.
    If this was Sonam vs. Blair Warldof, this would have been an entirely different story.

  7. Faiza at | | Reply

    sonam’s hairdo as well as the shoes do more justice to the dress.besides leighton’s print seems a bit blinding to me… sonams teh winner for sure!

    1. charan at | | Reply

      hairdo, hairdo… makes a big difference. Totally agree with ya.

  8. kismet at | | Reply

    love everything about sonams look better, the shoes, hair, shades and earrings, all make her look more fab!

  9. Antonia at | | Reply

    Wow their looks are so similar!!
    They both look amazing but i prefer the long sleeved look & the fact Sonam has her hair back.

  10. mj15 at | | Reply

    sonam all the way!! miss meester’s hair is too messy..this look is screaming for a sleek hairstyle, her booties are a bit too clunky. leighton meester lacks the edge to carry off a lot of clothes that she tries to pull off…like her crazy louis vuitton look at the recent Met Gala, a crazy white shapeless shift she wore some time back…kooky

  11. Pooja at | | Reply

    sonam looks nice but isnt it wrong to not match ur shoes and bag!! i mean brown bag and black shoes????

    1. belle_desse at | | Reply

      first of all the whole point of fashion is that there are no ‘rules’

      second of all, no it is absolutely alright and even PREFFERED that you aren’t all co-ordinated (refer the match-much posts on this blog)

  12. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Sonam’s shoes and bag…. Droo…oool

    1. Fashionmeal at | | Reply

      Sonams bag is a Balenciaga and shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti.
      Incase you were interested in knowing. :)

  13. hira at | | Reply

    Leighton is wearing Gucci kills platforms right? have been lusting after them for a while. Do not like the pairing with the dress. Sonams look- too many things going on

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