1. She looks good in both but I’m sad to see her short hair gone! It was a bold move for a Bollywood actress – too bad she gave in just a few months later.

  2. actually i dont like it.. i dont like red and black combo.. but as a side note.. she is looking hot in that lucky boy song.. and she is wearing red.. i kinda like the bangles but that is about it..

  3. Maxi dresses are ruling the roost … The second one must be Rocky S .. as its his collection launch she is attending! Anyone notice the red lehenga in the background …. Love it !! Wish I had a full length pic … any guesses who it is by?

  4. i’ll go for the one on the left. she does wear it well. the color reminds of what shilpa shetty wore.. it’s the same shade i think.

  5. I think the length of the second dress on right a bit short…isnt it? I dont like that maxi dress anyway. The one on the left is a bit okay in compare to the right one.


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