Lara In Tarun Tahiliani


Nope, we haven’t been paid by Lara’s rep to bombard you with posts about her, it just turns out that she is everywhere. This time, she was in Pune attending the launch of a new Inn wearing a white Tarun Tahiliani sari but somehow all the public appearances seem to be taking a toll on her. She looks quite tired… Dont you think?


Lara Dutta at Pristine Inn Launch



  1. probably the white colour..
    tough to pull that one off under lights unless ure white like aishwarya rai or kareena!!darker colour do look better in pictures and tend to brighten up the complexion.

  2. no J its not happens with everyone..i have a gorgeous lemon sari..which made me look great in person..but the function took place in a semi dark garden and when the pictures came out..i couldnt believe it myself!!
    its sooo true cos everyone who saw me that day absolutely loved how i looked.
    alas i dont have white skin but a slight tanned look!

  3. I know people who were there and they told me she looked breathtakingly beautiful, so this is a VERY bad pic, taken with no flash, and bad print…making any body look bad.

  4. She looks alright, not bad but the make up isn’t done properly seems like. Deepika Padukone wore a white saari on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 last year. GOD! she looked stunning. Never have I seen a white saari wore so beautifully. She looked drop-dead-gorgeous!


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