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  1. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    is that the only pic of lara you could find??
    mallika’s shoes are U.G.L.Y!

  2. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Mallika looks awesome! That dress really works for her curves. I like Lara’s shoes more but her hair and pose are not working…

  3. Sweetz at | | Reply

    It’s good to see Malika looking good and not pulling off any WTHeyyys

  4. Karma at | | Reply

    If they traded shoes Mallika’s outfit would be perfect. I don’t get and don’t like front rusching, it’s weird and unflattering, whereas Mallika’s dress, especially the top half is very flattering and she looks like she’s feeling fun and comfortable which is the most important.

  5. Tina at | | Reply

    Definitely Ms Sherawat. love her shoes too….
    its a much better fit.. more flattering than lara’s

  6. Megha at | | Reply

    i would have picked mallika except for those shoes
    hence my vote went for lara

  7. K at | | Reply

    I think they BOTH look stuninng! Lara looks more classier, but I love Mallika’s body.

  8. Mariam at | | Reply

    Like Malika’s LBD. Like Lara’s shoes!

  9. Dee at | | Reply

    I love Lara’s shoes!!!

    Can u tel me where i can get them (or a similar kind) in Bangalore? And how much would they cost… Pleaseeee

  10. Adit at | | Reply

    there is nothing Lara wears that she looks cheap in ….here she looks very stylish..and Mallika looks sexy as usual….

  11. Sonia at | | Reply

    I was gonna say Mallika until I scrolled down and saw her tacky shoes.

  12. nafisa at | | Reply

    i like lara’s shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. xoxo at | | Reply

    actually i like both..but with the accesories..hairstyle and make up, lara wins!
    specially her shoes goes perfect with the dress and malikka omg… that footwear ruins her dress!

  14. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Dont care for Lara’s dress …. iI think she is carrying the BCBG Max Azria .. metal mesh clith … i want that one in white !!!!

  15. Priyanka at | | Reply

    sorry .. metal mesh cluth I mean .. :-)

  16. Inexplicably ! at | | Reply

    Lara Dutta !

    Cuz Lara’s wearing the real stuff while Mallaika got Silicon on ! he he

  17. trupti at | | Reply

    both look good…I don’t like Mallika’s shoes…but she looks great!

  18. Glitzy.Apple at | | Reply

    @ Priyanka

    Yeah, that is the BCBG Satin clutch. Its pretty cute. I’d go for any color ;)

  19. yalda at | | Reply

    the shoes of Mallika are original Chanel shoes. Don’t like of them..

  20. lia at | | Reply

    are Mallika’s shoes from Chanel?

  21. lia at | | Reply

    Chanel Cruise Collection

  22. HK at | | Reply

    I thought that Mallika looked good at this event, she wasn’t over the top but just perfect. Also, her shoes are different and they provide a little contrast, whereas Lara has too much black going on.

  23. yalda at | | Reply

    Jep, Chanel shoes and little Satin dress is a Dolce and Gabbana.. The dress is a little bit to short.

  24. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I heat Chanel- but not like that
    Mallika looks hot, Laura looks a bit uncreative (it’s the all black that I’m not feeling)
    I’m not completely loving either, but they look fine

  25. AstralDust at | | Reply

    It breaks my heart to pick anyone over Lara and I do love her shoes but she loses my vote because of the hair. Mallika does look good!

  26. Rashmi at | | Reply

    u all kidding.. lara over mallika anyday….. lara is much more classier… i think this is just a wrong angle for the photograph…

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