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  1. KT at | | Reply

    How pretty, elegant, sexy does she look though! love it!!!

  2. lazyU at | | Reply

    I think she looks fierce!

    And she’s doing a skin show without looking trashy!

  3. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    i dunno i neva appreciate somethn like dat. i like to keep it classy

  4. shereen at | | Reply

    she looks HOT! who is the guy with her? he looks kinda familiar.

  5. Nidhi at | | Reply

    She looks quite sleek…but havta agree about the footwear – could have been much more sexy…also she those danglers are quite meh..couldve done without them..

  6. Pri at | | Reply

    the twins look unusually big in this dress. but i like the overall look.. love the hair and shoes!

  7. M at | | Reply

    Disappointed! The sleeves look like they have been taken from another dress! and I have seen better cage peep toe shoe boots! The clutch is :S

  8. diptiN at | | Reply

    she looks good (minus that horrible gold clutch) but it is not good enough for a LV opening. They claim so be such an exclusive /high brand, one would expect more.

  9. princess_sim at | | Reply

    I, for one, LOVE the shoes!

  10. hhc-addict at | | Reply

    The dress is blah and black – but no denying that she looks good. She’s doing the best she can to work it. Love her.

  11. Zara at | | Reply

    Is it just me, or is something about her face … off? I think whoever did her makeup applied foundation/powder that was too light for her complexion – her face looks gray.

    I agree that the look is simple, and perhaps a tad under-dressed for the occasion, but it’s stylish – which is more than can be said of so many other women.

    1. vishnupadi at | | Reply

      The grayness phenomenon is so common I didn’t take special note here.

  12. FashionB at | | Reply

    I dint like the dress but she is looking good and hot ,no doubt.
    I love her hairand makeup

  13. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    Whoa, what’s with the in-your-face cleavage! Leave it to flat girls, they won’t get so many “Damn, girl!!!”s.
    Those booties don’t look so spring appropriate to me. Vuitton? looks like it could be anything. Interesting concept: earrings that almost blend in with your hair. For real, I will explore it. Could start a new trend. I m so serious, guys.

  14. arpitha at | | Reply

    I do not like anything – the dress (the neck length,the sleeves..), the makeup, the tan (?) and her hair.
    she used to look nice and sexy with long hair.
    I dont think short hair suits her.
    compared to all the above the foot wear looks good to me :-)

  15. malika at | | Reply

    I just think showing twins just doesn’t look classy, but very cheap.
    especially on Indians.

  16. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I love the dress, but yes- it is a bit boring. It’s ALL the dark colors I think. Had she worn some more colorful shoes, or if she did something more interesting with her makeup it would have worked.

  17. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Forget Lara, she looks totally meh (although I dont get what all the fuss over her cleavage is about) but not hideously so

    The important question is WHAT IS SHATRUJIT SINGH WEARING?(!) Isnt he an advisor/ ambassador for LV in India as well? The man has SUCH a cringe-worthy, OTT dress sense. And the excess of white stubble does not help

    1. RS at | | Reply

      Thanks Chocolate Martini, for drawing our attention to the really important question. Yes, what in hell is that man wearing? :)

  18. Blabber at | | Reply

    Hahahaa Tikka looks so sexy ! He is my friend’s father.

  19. Kari at | | Reply

    Someone!! Anyone!!….Notice the MAJOR tan lines!!….that alone is enough to kill the look!!

  20. green chilli at | | Reply

    Maybe it’s the effect of sitting in 30 degrees weather at 11pm, but I feel that even though she looks great (fierce and chic), the look just doesn’t sit right at this time of year. I am not one to strictly adhere to dressing season-appropriate, but some outfits are just better suited for another season. This, to me, is one of them.

  21. shreyaa at | | Reply

    short hair looks killer on her

  22. bongbabe at | | Reply

    velvet jackets need to be BANNED. wtf is this guy wearing??!!

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