Back In Black!


Going the monochromatic route was Lara Dutta at the IIFAs where she paired her black sequin dress with some tights, black pumps and a Giuseppe Zanotti Black Satin Pavé Knot Flap Clutch!

We thought she looked great, you?


Lara Dutta At IIFA 2009, Zaia Cirque Du Soleil Show



  1. I think she looks great. Love the hair. But there’s too much black, maybe she should have carried a bright colored clutch.

  2. Very chic…i wish she had worn less opaque tights though…the black of her shoes just melts into the black of the tights….

  3. Great? NO

    Who wears black tights in this heat? Is it winter in Macau?

    She would look good without the tights and the pumps seem inappropriate for this dress.

  4. meh… the whole look is very banana republic winter collection. She is a gorgeous woman who can carry off anything, but somehow this falls a bit flat

  5. I think the dress looks ugly and cheap…Not a fan of the tights or the “all black” look
    A huge dissapointment from Lara

  6. Ow Owww!! Lara is Backkk..I missed her! And I love she has changed it up with her hair and the dress.

    So glad IIFA season is here! So much more Celebrity fashion to watch!

    Very on trend with the black and the tights and the HAIR (<3). She looks like the definition of chic !(except for the clutch, it could have been better)

  8. She is the only one who has the “hollywood celebs” attitude in the way she carries her clothes. She can pull off totally unconventional style with ease!

  9. I dunno… somehow I’m not liking her new hair cut. It makes her look older than she is. Also the “all black” look with the tights is off putting.

  10. i love the dress but she could definitely do away with the all just way too black..she’d look so much better withhout them.
    Loving the hair and make up

  11. love the dress but she could have definitely spiced up the look with better shoes and clutch. i also dont know why she is carrying her clutch the way she is. kinda old lady like.

  12. her hair looks fantastic, love it. Dress is also fab. would have preferred if her stockings were less opaque. I think the angle she is photographed is not flattering. she is tall, this photo does not do her justice.

  13. Wow I love this look on Lara- how weather appropriate, I don’t know, but she looks so different and non- bollywood-y.I agree with Charan- she does have that Hollywood attitude to fashion about her. It brings to mind that Charlize vs. Priyanka Chopra face-off a while ago!

  14. Sorry , but she looks horrible ( to me ) !! I usually tend to agree with the majority opinion in the comments section, but this time I cannot get myself to :-)

    I hate her hair-cut and I hate the glossy look on her dress – looks like she is going for a “disco-dancer” shoot with Mithunda!!

  15. oh no no….those tights are not tht great as they are seen here…since this photo does not have the flash light on the leggings you actually cannot make out how transparent/see thru and ugly they look… I saw another snap of Lara in this outfit in someother website and trust me….its very fugly…the tights i mean….but i have to mention the back of this dress….is real real sexy!!! again not seen here!

  16. she looks allright. i’ve seen her look better. her appeal is more in her confident body language and in the way she carries herself. lol @ the bobby darling comment. that was funny but a bit harsh.

  17. OMG she looks awesome! awesome! awesome!
    i love lara’s style. simple, elegant, no fuss… classic, sophesticated… blah! blah!

    that’s my drea look (sigh!!!)

  18. Those Black Tights would have to go..get rid of fact i would scissor cut them off ,make them unwearable for any future event.


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