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  1. ila at | | Reply

    i think she looks fabulous…

    1. nalini at | | Reply

      yeah she looks real good. i love the whole look. it might not have worked on someone else, but she pulls it off nicely.

      1. SK at | | Reply

        i agree… she’s able to pull it off…
        wud hv given a miss to the LV tho. its a monstrosity.
        infact replace those pointy boots with a pair of ugg boots and this look wud be fabulous!

        1. mary at | | Reply

          I totally agree, Lara can wear a sack and still carry it off. She just has a natural flair for fashion which few in Bollywood are blessed with.

  2. suchi at | | Reply

    belive it not, she actually managed to make this ok. agree it si not great, but she looks pretty good.

  3. gaga at | | Reply

    nooooooooooooooo. this cannot be happening.
    lara!!!!! how could you do this to yourself.

    i refuse to believe this. (can i remain in denial)

    1. Kimz604 at | | Reply

      lol…she doesn’t look as bad as you make it to be…ntn that requires such drama over! LMAO

      1. gaga at | | Reply

        you must be kidding me. it’s TERRIBLE, especially coming from lara.
        please have another look…there is nothing in that look worth liking.

      2. gaga at | | Reply

        but then again we all have our opinions.
        but i’m a little biased where lara is concerned. for me she can do no wrong and to see her like this is a let down.

  4. priya1226 at | | Reply

    i think she actually makes this look work

  5. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Th tunic on its own is decent-would have worn it very differently, without the boots-some pop of clour with shoes/pumps and the bag. In the second photo, her pose is very awkard

  6. Enrapture at | | Reply

    Payal and Priyanka, why do you hate pointed shoes so much???
    I think this look is great. I actually love what she is wearing-love the boots, the bag is sumptuous , the slacks are flattering and of course the leather jacket is to do for. A true investment piece.

  7. ms meow at | | Reply

    Hate that flashy bag, we all know she’s got money, but flaunting brands like that – TACKY!

  8. RM at | | Reply

    Ok its a bit too match-mutch .. and the printed tee is looking a bit out of place…. but she looks lovely..

  9. Evelyn at | | Reply

    Barring the boots and the LV Tote, I quite like her look.

  10. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Ok. You don’t wear thing like that and them pose like that to a place where there’s going to be cameras. You wear most of that to the grocery store or yoga class.
    Except those boots, you don’t wear those anywhere.

    1. vixen at | | Reply


  11. priya at | | Reply

    ummm…I dunno..minus the bag, i think Lara makes this outfit work too!!!! the woman has some sorta fashion potion. ;)

  12. naughty trini at | | Reply

    Is this the first time lara got a downer? shocking

  13. Megha at | | Reply

    omg – no way!
    she looks hot! (dont care much for the bag but that jacket, boots…the whole outfit is awesome)

  14. Saira at | | Reply

    I love the leather jacket, YUM!! I think the look is fab, the only downsides are the boots and bag. I will never understand the hype or appeal of LV bags. They all look extremely tacky, like something you’d get off a market stall. If the boots were substituted for round toed black ankle boots she would have looked casual yet sexy.

  15. hhc-addict at | | Reply

    Aaaargh!! – its really bad. After a long long time I will have to say that Lara’s outfit is laughable and even she could not salvage it.

  16. miss shopaholic at | | Reply

    i actually like the outfit.. minus the shoes. Pointy stiletto’s are so out of season!! a round toed tan or brown pair of boots would have gone great. This style would fit right in in london or in my hometown leeds!!

    1. Saira at | | Reply

      Hey!! A fellow Leeds girl :D!!

  17. Khushi at | | Reply

    I actually like the shirt, any idea where its from?

  18. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    ARGH those boots.. so corny

    and whats that tilt to left hip side

  19. HK at | | Reply

    I think she looks cool – she makes this work. I would call this an UPGRADE from that limpy maxi.

  20. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    hate the pointy boots so yesterday!
    her stabce and the dress does her no favours …
    a let down for sure!

  21. pooja at | | Reply

    I like the look. except the boots… wish she had chosen another mono lv bag…. why this one.
    I happen to love mono bags..

  22. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    You know what? I like it. Except for that bag of course.

  23. Shweta at | | Reply

    Don’t tell me she was in Mumabi with that kind of an outfit!! :?
    Anyhow, I think she could have worked this outfit if she ditched that brown leather jacket… instead she could have worn light flowy sweater/cover-up…this would in fact given her a very casual look!!
    In US this look is usually considered very tacky…:/

  24. Roni at | | Reply

    Minus the bag…I love the look…dominating and sexy.

  25. charan at | | Reply

    definitely a downgrade… cheap looking boots, that tunic, that bag. Looks like she did some cheap shopping.
    But look at that face!!!!

  26. Rezia at | | Reply

    Ok “dowdy” is not the word I would use here. “Chavvy” yes, but not really dowdy at all…

  27. Fairy at | | Reply

    noooo! she ROCKS that look! i was nver disappointed at Lara, she pulls of anything she wears :)

  28. Nicole Singh at | | Reply

    She looks very cute.
    The bag looks great.

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