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  1. saba at | | Reply

    dun care for the sari…..too ordinary but the earrings are fab!!

  2. Shweta at | | Reply

    Gorgeous…the only word I have for it..I love the earrings and the sari

  3. dn at | | Reply

    Beautiful!! Love the colours a lot. Thankfully no bling, still she looks dressed up for the occasion.

  4. Radhika at | | Reply

    Love love love it!!!!! Great color, nice blouse, fab earrings. Love Ms. Dutta always!

  5. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    she carries herself so well. i like her confidence more than sonam’s. it’s more graceful.

  6. KK at | | Reply

    Love the color, hate the blouse – I don’t like the low cut or the pleating.

  7. kimmy at | | Reply

    the sari’s not my cup of tea, but she looks lovely.

  8. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    The blouse is really daring! But she looks good, the colors suit her a lot. If she had draped the sari right she would have looked awesome!

  9. KK. at | | Reply

    she looks absolutely stunning.

  10. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I don’t like the top and sari together :( The sari is pretty but :/

  11. peechu at | | Reply

    she does look beautiful :)

  12. SMM at | | Reply

    I agree…no bling. Thank god. She deserves points for that itself….umm btw just one question – If she’s wearing a sari with no pleats and just draped it, doesn’t it get too tight to walk ?

  13. chuck bass is hot at | | Reply

    i saw pics of her on another website and i was in awe. she looks BEAUTIFUL! the colours are so refreshing..and so different from the usually blingy outfits (i.e. kareena). i love it. dont mind the cleavage..she still looks sophisticated.

  14. ambreen at | | Reply

    i like lara ya, she’s so classy looking. and lately, what a great body!! Earings are definately by Shaheen Abbas.
    She looks fab

  15. monika at | | Reply

    Not liked the saree, especially the bottom portion. Love the colours though & the earrings are so pretty.

  16. Clueless at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely neck up. The bottom of the saree looks really weird I suppose thats because its not pleated. Dont dig this no pleat style at all.

  17. rr at | | Reply

    how perfect would it be if it was draped well!!

    but it’s lara. i love her. she’s forgiven.

  18. RT at | | Reply

    Love the earrings and the purse .. she looks great!

  19. priya at | | Reply

    not liking the sari one bit. not sure if wearing that blouse 2 a wedding is a good idea. but anyway, she works it. she said herself that she can make ANY CLOTHES look good and i guess shez right! like her earrings and hair.

  20. xoxo at | | Reply

    loooking stunning..i love the earings..compared to the very deep neckline sttill its doesnt look so revealing maybe czz of the draping and she looks comfortable..love it

  21. the mad momma at | | Reply

    i like the saree.. and love the blouse. nice idea. she’s losing hair as fast as i am!

  22. bubs at | | Reply

    I love this idea of just wearing a normal top with a chiffon sari (not a ‘proper’ blouse I mean). However I HATE the way shes done the sari, it looks soooo weird, like she didn’t know how to drape it properly or something.

  23. kim at | | Reply

    i don’t like the outfit but as someone else said, she can make anything look good. love the earrings.

  24. Dits at | | Reply

    She looks very pretty and I quite like the blouse!

  25. k= at | | Reply

    how stunning!! only lara can carry off that blouse so gracefully!

  26. pink at | | Reply

    i rem seeing her in a dress with that EXACT same top………so it looks like she just draped sari over that dress …hmmm

  27. Fatima at | | Reply

    colour of the saree, the accessorising etc are really good, had she draped and pleated she would easily have been the best dressed for the night!

  28. apsara77 at | | Reply

    lara is such a classy girl and she looks very elegant in this saree and blouse..the color reminds me of the lehenga kareena wore to the same event but lara looks so much more stylish..i think lara and dia in the blue saree were the best dressed!

  29. Karma at | | Reply

    I love the blouse but not the saree…I think darker colours (in the same palette) would have been more appropriate to the occasion and the fabulous blouse. Also the no pleat thing is odd looking. Earrings are fab!

  30. anita at | | Reply

    love the way she looks and those earrings, but overall she looks like she’s wrapped in tissue paper with strings.

  31. cooks at | | Reply

    lovely color, but she does not look comfortable in it. Maybe cause of the press so close.

  32. anoo at | | Reply

    classy to the core!!!

  33. Adit at | | Reply

    she looks lovely, and I love the fact that she has not overaccessorised it (Manyata are you listening)

  34. ish at | | Reply

    where can i buy those earrings? Its loveley

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