Sari Style


At a recent audio launch, Lakshmi was spotted in a green net Sabyasachi. Considering that we aren’t fans of net saris, this wasn’t a look we were going to instantly love. It also didn’t help that Lakshmi over-accessorized the look. For starters, that cuff didn’t belong one bit.

This one is a Not Quite for us. You like?

Lakshmi Manchu at Oo Kodathara Ulikki Padathara Audio Launch

Photo Credit: Cinejosh


  1. I saw ambika wearing a white-red version of the same saree. I am not a big fan of net. Especially not this color. One of the least favourites of Sabyasachi’s collection.

  2. Net/ see-through sarees are a fail on busty women. And before anyone pounces on me about the “body type” comment, let me mention here that I am a busty woman myself.

    • They are a fail on any body shape. Partly sheer fabric is perhaps alluring, but this level of net is madness. There is no way of doing the pallu & pleats right.

      Lakshmi almost always over-accessorizes and wears clashing pieces on top of that.

  3. The blouse looks seriously weird with all that bunching. I don’t know if its the fabric or the fit but it’s such an off…

  4. though i generally hate net sarees and don’t particularly like this one here, can’t help but say that lakshmi looks lovely regardless, love the flowers in the hair

  5. Ugly colour and her accessories look terrible, while I love malli poo and saris, I do not like it paired with designer saris, looks good only with ethnic saris.

  6. Is she the one who used to play Saraswathi in TV Show, Las Vegas.. Oh my Gawd! She looks so lovely in western look – why do they go for Indian look and ruin it!! Reminds me Sonali Bendre in Telugu Ammayi look with the half saree and plaited hair – some people cannot carry it that well, why dont they just face it!

  7. Gawd, I hope net sarees are not making a come back again – can’t think of anyone who does not look tacky in them…..

  8. Looking at this image is making me cringe particularly the blouse. What a world of difference…a net saree sabya look on Sridevi was heavenly and here it’s a disaster.

  9. This sari is just wrong. The choli motifs might be interesting, but it’s hidden. That ain’t no cuff, it’s a diya holder :P The lime green color badly aggravates the situation. There’s so much Either Or.


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