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  1. Hsap at | | Reply

    After Masaba and Surenderi this collection look easy on eyes, some pieces are totally wearable and decent

  2. sree at | | Reply

    I find Archana Rao pretty talented among the newer designers! I could see Kangana pulling off outfits from the last row and Shraddha pulling off the first four outfits in the first row.

    1. Bhakti Irani at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more

  3. Neerja at | | Reply

    The outfits in the last row are very reminiscent of Masaba Gupta’s sheer tunics and stripes and Sabyasachi’s Winter/Festive with the striped blouses and lace work.
    Love the 2nd row middle outfit!

    1. Neerja at | | Reply

      from 2013*

  4. Trupti at | | Reply

    Loved the ones in the last row! I can definitely see Kangana, Sonam and Anushka pulling them off! And, dare I say, me too … :D :D

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