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  1. Anuja at | | Reply

    I don’t think this collections too bad, however I do feel the pieces have been badly put together! For example the sheer grey full bubble sleeve, hi-low dress [yes we’ve seen enough of it] in the 4th pic, isnt too bad if it were worn by itself, without the pants and shoes ofcourse! Also the 3rd pic’s metallic dress aint to bad, if worn with tights and a fun chain belt or something and o’course killer heels. Also the last pic’s dress aint too bad either. So overall i dont think this collection’s anything special but some of the pieces aren’t bad no?

  2. nida at | | Reply

    Pieces of cloth just stitched together with no particular design thought of!

  3. trying too hard at | | Reply

    isnt the 3rd dress – top line – so “inspired” by what rhea had worn in the fashion week!!! ( which was horrible to start with)

  4. Avni at | | Reply

    After having seen the three ladies (Anushka, Sveta and Shonali, was it?) in the designer’s pieces, I have to agree with the first comment – the collection has enormous potential!

  5. Jay at | | Reply

    Johnny Depp meets Khea Kapoor haha.
    Maybe if they edited it better (makes a huge difference) and saved some pieces for next year it would look more concise!

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