1. somebody please explain how that short sari is beautiful? looks like a mad grand mom got dressed in the dark over her PJs.

  2. This is what annoys me about certain ‘designer daughters’. How do you go from project runway versions of your mom’s clothes (which are gross in themselves) to this. Not that this is anything amazing itself. Perhaps when the mommy ticket only attracts the eshas and the genelias this designer thinks ‘masaba’esq direction… sad times.
    That said – disappointed with this years fashion week… like Zara threw up over the master jis.

    • I like the fact that she has come up with something new , unlike the ‘masaba’esq clothes which are monotonous and badly finished. I find these outfits wearable , stylish and different. I would love to have some in my closet

  3. my god…the ugliest collection hv evr seen …is it sum joke in the name of fashion???…u r a designer daughter n u can do anything u want???.. masaba saris r way more creative n weareable….but this is a complete disaster… the chhotu saris make me cry..the second row is like aaaaarggghhh…


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