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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    eh…her bra’s peeking though
    sort of ugly still

  2. Flower Power at | | Reply

    very nightgown-ish

  3. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yeah that bra showing is really bad.. and it does loook like a stylish night gown.. but ill still give her brownie points for trying

  4. mia at | | Reply

    who is reema sen?

  5. Another Nisha at | | Reply

    The bottom half looks like my curtain! Oh my! Terrible dress! Why spend money on stuff like this? Might as well walk out straight from bed and attend these dos!

  6. Another Kiran in NYC at | | Reply

    In this lingerie look dress and nasty hair and exposed bra, she looks like she rolled out of bed right now.. and no, not a sultry sexy sort of way.

    A hairbrush coming up STAT! To brush her hair and to spank for going out like this!

  7. Dimple at | | Reply

    I was looking at the person standing behind her on the right side…the bow on that person’s dress is low….found it hillarious

  8. arbitary at | | Reply

    @Another Kiran in NYC – That is hilarious!
    I think this lady was trying to look sexy, but she looks slutty.

  9. shoudev at | | Reply

    @ mia– I do not know who she is, but I did watch a couple of South Indian movies where she was the female lead

  10. Ria at | | Reply

    Not liking it at all. Ugly dress, ugly hair, and ugly shoes.

  11. Sidra at | | Reply

    i bet she shares makeup artists with celina jaitley

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