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    I guess she is parvathi

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    The styling reminds me of kiran rao for some reason! The glasses and hair in particular!

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    What a sweet face and breath taking smile!

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    She is so stunning. She is an actress of mallayallam origin and acts both in tamil and mallu movies. She came alongside Dhanush in Maryaan a movie about how a poor fishermen gets conned and sent to Sudan and how he escapes is the crux of the movie. Anyways, she looked insanely beautiful movie. She has that earthy beauty too her.. Too pretty

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      LOL!It is “Malayalam” and it is a language, not a region. It should have been “actor of Kerala origin”. :)

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        oops. sorry..Thanks for letting me know.

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    cute. whts the deal with blouse fitting?

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    She is a very young Actress,however looks bit old here….

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    Has wearing tees as sari blouses become kosher? I guess there’s hope for me yet considering pregnancy has rendered all my sari blouses unusable.

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    Something frumpy about this look. Could be her stance or the blouse but the saree is nice.

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    Kiran rao’s twinny found…!!

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    Parvathi Menon!!!!! She is undoubtedly one of the most talented performers around, and damn she has true natural beauty!

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    Pretty lady, but badly styled. Frumpy blouse. Headband??

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    OMG. I couldnt recognise Parvathy. She looked breath taking in Maryaan with Dhanush ! Here she is really not very well dressed – even the saree is not worn properly. I cannot believe it is the same girl.

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    horrible blouse and too heavy sari.

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