In Tarun Tahiliani


Spotted a Tarun Tahiliani bandhini dress on this lady at the Kingfisher calendar launch party and much prefer the flowy dress version (minus the straps) than the maxi one. You?

P.S. Anyone know the lady in question?


Left: Tarun Tahiliani, Spring 2009
Right: Lady at Kingfisher Calendar Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The dress looks quite nice on the model, but too long for the lady in the pic. The necklace in the left pic is delicate and pretty…me want one :)

  2. LOVE the dress and sandals on Nina. If it’s anywhere in the ballpark of my budget I’m buying that dress.

    I also love both necklaces. Gold really has a way of adding earthiness to a look. I love it on darker women because it stands out more, and makes their skin glow as well.

  3. the dress is grogerous!!! but it would not translate well in real life.. as seen here ofcourse.. the design would works only when one is walking..else it looks like a sack

  4. i think the dress in both the pics is the same, just owrn differently, and looks different since nina is walking while the other lady is standing…

  5. i just dont like the dress although all these lights and a tall girl can make anything look nice.. it’ll look shabby and probably self stitched in real life.. although i do love nina’s neck piece..

  6. I like the dress but i prefer the maxi version. The shorter one looks a little immature and should be made in mini versions for 6 year olds. That would be cute. The maxi version i like. Neha Dhupia would look good in that i think. Don’t know why she comes to mind but just does..

  7. I think the dress worn by Ms Dow IS the maxi version worn by Nina.It’s just that Nina is much taller LOL.Hate the sandals on Nina (only because I personally dislike tieups). Love the necklaces worn by both ladies.

  8. I agree with most people here, the dress looks good only while walking.
    I think the flowy dress on Nina also has straps that have been pulled sideways.


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