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  1. simran at | | Reply

    Oh, babe I love this jewellery tooo….and i know you have a great eye for it :)

  2. sh at | | Reply

    I saw your jewelry collection it’s awesome. Fantastic collection.

  3. sherry at | | Reply

    wow, wow, wow and wow! totally digging the anklets!

  4. kavitha at | | Reply

    Payal… I love your site… and everything you and priyanka write.
    But i am disappointed by this post. the jewelry looks so cheap… obviously cos they are all fake. with you great taste and sense in fashion and designer clothing and accessories i am really disappointed that you are recommending these pieces!!! please….

  5. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Umm…some of us who visit this are don’t happen to be millionaires..ok? And thanks P&P, this is just the kind of post I was looking for Kundan jewellery..I love it…it does not look cheap AT ALL…the ring is especially cute:P
    I know this post is old…but I just had to say this:)

  6. Ajewelry at | | Reply

    Uber Kundan cocktail ring ! what a jaw dropping design, I have seen many rings and have set in my mind that no one can design better then this but this ring has proved my idea totally false, this is great at very suitable price.

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