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    Rahul!!!! (although, he’s waring pink ;D )
    I love Kunal and all, but Rahul has an amazing dress sense. Really, he has to be the best dressedguy in Bollywood.

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    Rahul. So. freaking. gorgeous.

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    Rahul Khanna wins this hands down!
    He is so gorgeous!!!! So handsome!!!

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    Both men are very attractive ^_^.
    But I love Rahul’s classic clean cut look.

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    Kunal! And that’s a pink shirt on Rahul.

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    Rahul.. so effortless!

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    its a toughy but i think il go with rahul … looking at him just makes me smile!

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    Rahul Khanna looks effortlessly stylish.

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    rahul looks amazing. kunal’s shirt looks girly

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    most definately Kunal!!!

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    Yay Kunal!! :)

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    I thought my eyes were deceiving me when i thought it was a pink shirt.
    Hard to choose but my vote goes to Rahul

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    i think they both look great and stay true to their personalities. rahul looks amazing! so does kunal, and i am a total sucker for a man in a kurta.

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    rahul khanna reeks of class. just so HAWT!

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    Both !!! Little more towards Kunal.

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    Rahul looks to die for…. yummmy….

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    both are looking equally horrible – yuck!

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    yummy!! dey look hot!! white is looking classy on both!!

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    they’re both so hot that by choosing one i’d be insulting the other
    i’ll take both ;)
    or at least one – i’m not picky!!

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    I love Kunal but clothes-wise, Rahul Khanna looks impeccable. Men need to stay away from leather and shiny clothes and dress in clean linens more often!

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    BOTH…SUAVE SUAVE SUAVE.. although based on personality I have love Rahul!!

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    Rahul, *insert some random cuss word* is so hot! and so totally cute! yummy, can i say?

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    rahul looks like a fallen angel :) straight out of heaven hehe
    and kunal is also looking fine, but i would have to choose rahul he just looks too hot for words

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    Rahul looks delish enuf to tempt a nun :)

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    Kunal, easily! He’s absolutely gorgeous, I’m so loving his look here.

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    doth i mean both…..just drooling

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    Rahul………he is so delish :)
    but i do like kunal’s shirt…..

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    PINK on Rahul dear

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    I loovvvvveeee his smile and the ease he has

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    Rahul Khanna !!! Love the clean , good boy style

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    don’t know who either one is…but they both look great and oh so handsome

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    rahul in this case I think.. just more preppy… even though Kunal is very good too!

    as others have said droooooooooooolll

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    Kunal looks to die for!!!!

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    its a realllyyy tough one.. they are both super HOT.. but if i had to choose it would be Kunal.. More rugged.. more man

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    umm.. kunal.. no rahul.. no kunal.. no rahul! umm..ya.. Rahul :) that stubble and the smile..:)

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