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  1. savneet at | | Reply

    Hey its Kajol’s pic…

  2. Pallavi at | | Reply

    The picture is wrong..should be o f kriti

  3. Ri at | | Reply

    Nope not kriti sanon.

    1. Ri at | | Reply

      Sorry wrong comment.

  4. Pinky20 at | | Reply

    Too alia. Unfortunately her face isn’t as childish as alia so she can’t pull it off.

  5. Avani at | | Reply

    Like always, so endearing she is to look at. How graceful is she? Yes, this is so Alia but then she has that sweet face & age to carry such looks.

  6. Violet at | | Reply

    Cute, I really like it. I dont understand the comments on Parineeti’s and Kriti’s posts accusing them of aping Alia. Alia doesn’t have a trademark on any look or any type of outfit. And let’s not forget Alia has had a million movie releases and a million promotional outings in the last few years and she’s someone who experiments quite a bit (I like that about her), so some looks are bound to remind you of something Alia must’ve worn.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Not accusing Kriti of aping because even she has her own thing going on for her. Kriti too tries different outfits within her simple fuss free style. Like you rightly said, Alia has donned so many looks in the past year or so (Yes, I do like her for the same that she experiments), so lot of looks kind of reminds one of her. But then not everyone can ape the same look & come out looking fine, here Kriti looks perfectly good to me.

  7. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Very pretty and cute! I like the pairing of that dress with the tees. Had it been alia, she would have worn it as it, to end up looking frumpy!

  8. -ns at | | Reply

    nice outfit..good idea to buy for my 6 year old niece this Xmas.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Haha… and I doubt my niece will wear this. She is too fashionable to wear this.

  9. blah at | | Reply

    I have the same tee. :)

  10. Melange at | | Reply

    Ms.Sanon, you’re no longer a child!

  11. Tanvi at | | Reply

    She looks cute. Any makeup gurus can id her lipstick pls.

  12. Sup at | | Reply

    I like both the tee and pinafore separately. Together, they should work in theory, but they weirdly don’t. I think it needed a more open neck.
    She looks adorable as always.
    Some people have that personality, like Anushka too. They always bring more to the clothes than the clothes bring to them!

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      +1. I agree about the personality part as always. ;)

  13. Ali at | | Reply

    Should have posted a pic of Kriti and Kajol together. Who would have thought they were attending the same event. This look is unacceptable beyond kindergarten stage.

  14. begumbrown at | | Reply

    This look does not work on her. She lacks the cute factor.

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