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  1. Brandy at | | Reply

    you are being conservative. This outfit, just like Sonam’s, works very well! Good to see people getting out of the usual boring rut

  2. Desimom at | | Reply

    But that dress is also towards the casual side.. No?

  3. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Normally I hate oxfords with dresses. But here they go well with the dress and Kriti pulled it off easily.

  4. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks fab. Slightly edgy but still cute. Not everyone can pull this off. She always smiles and doesn’t do those silly pouts which adds so much to what she wears.

    1. Bluebells at | | Reply

      100% Agree. Also I feel her smile is very aligned! Like she has had braces or something!? I mean I have had braces and my smile is exactly like hers and almost 99% of the times I’m able tell people from their smiles whether they had braces or not.

      1. Ava at | | Reply

        I went to school with her. Nope, she never had braces. She was always annoyingly beautiful and well put together :)
        Also extremely sweet, slightly timid.

        1. shweta at | | Reply

          do u know udayan maithani? was he in the same batch as kriti’s?

          1. Ava at |

            Not sure! Can’t place him. But we’re all from a really really populated school!

        2. shweta at | | Reply

          ok..actually better than ok..u see if udayan had known her or vice versa than i would’ve been super jealous of him :D

        3. shweta at | | Reply

          and if u can’t place him, this might help…he was in the 2007 batch and i think he was the sports secretary and was a hostelite

  5. Bk at | | Reply

    Fabulous without trying too hard.

  6. Ahot at | | Reply

    It´s the hair. It feels too school girl for the look!

  7. LCoodly at | | Reply

    Where are the tennis racquets?

  8. jadine at | | Reply

    Yes, the look does feel formal ankle up, so heels would have worked better. Kriti still looks good though.

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