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    konkana for me !!….she looks lovely ….i liked the way she accesorized with the blue necklace …loving it !shefali’s on the other hand looks fine …but comapred to konkana shefali’s fell flat

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    Konkona looks good!

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    Is Shefali’s kurta the same as the black kurta seen on Vidya Balan and Adhuna Akhtar?

    1. Payal at | | Reply

      Yep. :)

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    Both look good but Konkana just a tiny bit better.

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    They look fine. But i dont understand the kurta-denim combo. Something i never do

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    tho her face looks blanched the pop of colour in konkona’s look is better than shefali’s

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    Do you know where the Kurta is from?

  10. Obsessive Virgo at | | Reply

    Lets not forget that this was a play Shefali herself was acting in , and she must’ve changed quickly afterwards ….leaving her no time to accesorise

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    Dear Koko.. we know you loved your DU days, but please.. thats not excuse enough to dress like an 18 year old on a shoestring budget with jeans / kurta / jhola and beads..

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    like the kurta. both look about the same.

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    aaahhh..how fresh they look without makeup..I liked them both!

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    Good one Rock n Rose:)

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