1. I think Konkonas hair doesnt go with the rest of the styling, a braid might have worked better.
    I’d love to see her hair done this way with one of those lovely flowery chiffon saris of hers.

  2. Those shades don’t suit Konkana. The whole look somehow feels staged though on paper it seems like it is her kind of look &styling. Sayani looks good waist up. The skirt and those shoes are not working on her.

  3. I love Sayani’s outfit! Wud wear it in a heartbeat! Konkana’s color palette seems dull next to Sayani and that’s leading to seemingly unfair comparison.. To me, Konkana looks like she’s having fun so I don’t mind the shades or hair at all

  4. Sayani has that typical “naughty” grin that I like. :D i think sayani’s separates are pretty, they could have been styled better though (don’t like the sneakers).

    Konkana’s look is too costumey.

  5. I actually like Konkona’s outfit better than Sayani’s. Looks so different from what we usually see her in – in a good way!

  6. It’s so refreshing to see this pair on your site. Just look how different and unique they are to the endless parade of light skinned wavy haired indian celebs. A bob with bangs? Bring it on! Flawless deep brown skin? Yess pleasseee! Given this great venue you bloggers have with your site I really hope you highlight more of such uniqueness within the Bollywood brigade!

  7. Sayani looks fabulous. The outfit and style is right up her alley
    Konkana looks like she is ready to break into a ‘lungi dance’ gig


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