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  1. rekha at | | Reply

    Konkana is such a good actress..I even like her for blazing her own trail..but this doesn’t mean she can dress in hippy garb and pick up accessories from Janpath or Colaba..

    1. ss at | | Reply

      Your dislike for “hippy garb” notwithstanding, what’s wrong with picking up accessories from Janpath or Colaba? Pray tell.
      I think she looks fabulous in a very earthy kind of way. The color is beautiful on her and the necklace adds to the whole looks beautifully. Agreed with P&P about the bag choice.

    2. Ssehgal at | | Reply

      If you knew fashion, you would know the accessories aren’t from janpat or colaba!

      1. Aaadee at | | Reply

        Oh, She looks just lovely in that dress, for sure, a potli had to be there..!

  2. Summer at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous and its effortless!

  3. ss at | | Reply


  4. apsara77 at | | Reply

    This might be the first Payal Khandwala outfit that I actually like. I also like the necklace she paired with the dress. But that bag looks like something my grandfather used to carry to go fish shopping in the morning. Barring the bag, she looks good!

    1. krits at | | Reply

      +1. First time even I like a Payal K outfit!

  5. sree at | | Reply

    Love the pairing of the statement necklace and the outfit! The bag she’s carrying sucks but everything else is goood

  6. dee at | | Reply

    its a nice dress, but blue on the blue carpet? also a little issue with the dress, the place at teh front where it is gathered under the bust area with that little black thing, seems a completely wrong spot. the weight of the fabric seems to pull it down, making it look like a leaking boob

  7. slc at | | Reply

    She looks quite good actually. Lovely necklace.

  8. sarah khan at | | Reply

    minus the sleeves this dress reminds of wrapping bedsheets around myself when i was younger

  9. Ritu at | | Reply

    Just love the look…..minus the bag though. The colour is gorgeous.

  10. kasthuri at | | Reply

    On someone else, i would have minded the bag. but on ladies like Nandita and Konkona, what they wear is fashion ! I love head to toe.

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