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  1. somya at | | Reply

    o god these pants…not again

  2. SK at | | Reply

    oh she totally makes this look work. this is her signature style and she does it welll… as yet im not bored.
    between the 2… the blue/white combo looks better.
    and yes… the bag is awesome. i have seen such bags wth the faces of marilyn monroe/michael jackson … but never an india type face on such bags.

  3. Tee at | | Reply

    I love her style. She is rocking this look well, IMHO.

  4. the mad momma at | | Reply

    i quite like the new look. not everyone needs to be in skimpy leger outfits. its her style and i think she rocks it. but whats with the sunglasses? it looks like a night pic

  5. Arty at | | Reply

    Please id the bag P & P! I lurrrveee!

  6. UltimateNats at | | Reply

    this is so Konkona and she rocks it! luuurve the bag….where’s it from?

  7. NFashionB at | | Reply

    I dint like her pants…First time i saw sm celeb wearing it in public.
    Pastel green kurta suits her skin better and earthy beads go well with it.Pants are ugly…

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like the long better, it gives off a relaxed boho vibe (love the colors) while she short kurta tries to pass the look off as ordinary.

  9. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    ITS a longer version of rural indian kachchas.

  10. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Prefer the first look.

    I like the image on the bag. Don’t like the shape or the straps though.

  11. KK at | | Reply

    Konkona is a big movie star and this is how she dresses?! I remember seeing pictures of movie stars from the 50s and 60s and they’d be dressed like movie stars!!!

  12. star at | | Reply

    IF she had ironed those pants perhaps they would look a bit better lol!

  13. jujunye at | | Reply

    those pants … or what do i call it should be banned plssss !!!!!

  14. crab at | | Reply

    I really, really dislike those darn pants. They’re so frumpy and the look just doesn’t work. I’ve seen better pjs.

  15. Sim at | | Reply

    I think she should have worn nice simple jeans and would have rocked the look she looks awesome pass pajamas

  16. Nefertiti at | | Reply

    the bag looks very similar to cushions from Rattan in Delhi and Good Earth. don’t know if either carries the bag.

  17. HK at | | Reply

    The pants make her look stumpy, as if she had no feet!

    Her top half looks ok, but sunglasses are too big for her face.

  18. nav at | | Reply

    she looks alright but i hope she wont do this often coz this look is not that great.

  19. Amber at | | Reply

    looks awesome.

  20. Zara at | | Reply

    Konkona’s a beautiful woman, and I love that her sense of style is unconventional. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem to understand the concept of well-fitting clothes. If you’re wearing a voluminous top, you need to wear a more tailored bottom. That’s the beauty of Indian clothes – they’re usually perfectly balanced.

    If she had paired her kurtas with straight pants, she would have had a perfect outfit, minus the bug-eyed sunglasses, of course. :D

    1. mary at | | Reply

      wow so rightly said that is something I always say about our clothing as well. Hence no long shirts with patialas and no chooridars with short shirts for me. both items of clothings shouldn’t be voluminous but neither should they be all fitted.
      But as for Konkona, cliched as it may sound, she seems to be trying to hard with the boho look. for heavan’s sakes get those pyjamas starched and ironed!

  21. SS at | | Reply

    Said it before and saying it again…those PJs need to GO! Koko you stylish stylish woman….pls wear them at home honey….love the kurtas….love the ‘vibe’..but the PJs…yeaahhh…no….they need to go and pronto!

  22. funkyfresh at | | Reply

    i love ittt!!! its so simple and freshing and its very refreshing to see someone in something different…i definitly like the second one more than the first one…but the sunglasses need to go. they dont seem to suit the shape of her face.

  23. funkyfresh at | | Reply

    i meant Fresh** not freshing

  24. N at | | Reply

    Ugh. Nobody should be allowed to step out in public like that. Leave alone a movie star of some stature. Talented and lovely as she is, those pants need to go. Everything else in the pics looks super.

  25. Stephanie at | | Reply

    I LOVE the long version. Looks comfortable and she looks happy in it. If this really WERE the 1930s where we thought that everyone who acts on screen is or needs to be some sort of superhuman constantly dressed like Mrs. Astor’s Horse on parade it might not look right to me either.
    After all, she’s been on screen so everything should reek desperately of a desire to be “alluring” but KoKo’s ACTING is the alluring thing about her. She’s a cute, young, casual, comfortable working actress. Why not?

    1. s at | | Reply

      aye aye on this comment.

      I like this look, my vote goes anyday for clothes with least maintenance.

  26. Vrinda at | | Reply

    have the same bag. It’s from Ratan Textiles, Jaipur.

  27. s at | | Reply

    p&p is there an online link 2 the bag? pls

  28. khadikurta at | | Reply

    I love her outfit and she totally carries it off. What a nice change from all those short dresses for one and all occasions that we are seeing these days. She gets my vote!

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